Testing Summer shoes and sandals with Toms

June 13, 2019
toms mens and womens footwear

When packing for your summer holiday we know you will take your time to carefully choose the best shoes to suit your trip (or best five pairs in our cases). For a varied trip that incorperates beach, city and countryside in a hot climate, you will want footwear that is comfortable but also suits the season’s trends. STYLEetc took a look at two key styles from the latest collections from Toms for our ‘Editor’s Picks‘ and road-tested them on our Editor’s recent California roadtrip to see if they were suited to an activity packed holiday.

mens slip on toms floral

Men's Shoes

The TRVL Lite slip-on Toms are made for long-haul adventures. Structured like classic slip-ons, but exceptionally lightweight, these shoes will prove comfy for long wear. The fit is easy to slip-on and stays secure on the foot, perfect for walking around your holiday destination. The light composition makes them great for swapping scenery, when you want to flit between city or beach terrain. After long wear, the shoes do prove to stay comfortable, with cushioned Ortholite insoles included to add to comfort. 


The aesthetic of the TRVL Lite takes note of a classic summer, floral print (it definitely gives us Hawaiian shirt vibes). The vibrant pattern is perfect for standing out and can easily be paired with chino shorts and a shirt for a smart/casual look. 


Toms offer this style in other colourways, including plain and alternate patterned designs. You can also shop other silhouettes from Toms if sneaker slip-ons aren’t your thing, we recommend taking a look at the familiar Alpargatas espadrilles that Toms is known for. The TRVL Lite style also has a slider version, ideal for simple poolside styling with no fuss. 

womens sicily sandals silver

Women's Shoes

For women’s footwear, sandals are the perfect choice for warmer climates. It can be tricky to find a reliable pair of sandals that withstand a full day’s wear without hurting your feet, but Toms design their footwear well to offer movement and comfort. Sicily is a style that is made for comfy wear. The sole is designed to bend and offer added movement whilst you walk, this works well to allow the foot to move with the sandal. There is also a cushioned insole, this makes it more suited to all-day wear. Another plus point for this sandal was it’s faux-leather straps. The vegan materials are not only animal friendly but also foot friendly, as they secure the foot but aren’t too restrictive when walking.


Sicily comes in a range of colours but we prefer the silver option, as the metallic straps clash with the tan sole to achieve a stylish design. We see these silver sandals boding well with holiday dresses and playsuits, giving us versatile style and comfort.


The Toms range also includes sandals with a variety of heel heights, depending on how extra you want your look to be whilst on vacay. Camilla offers a slight heel, enough to make a difference but not high enough to affect wearability.  The aptly named Ibiza sandals are much higher in heel height, a style that is definitely better suited to pool party than beachside hikes and one that adheres to this seasons chunky-strapped shoe trend.

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