Ted Baker’s Grooming Room Is Now Available In Your Own Home!

July 23, 2014

Since the successful launch of Ted’s Grooming Rooms in six central London locations (We hope they’ll open one in Manchester soon!) the next step for Ted was to develop his own range of Ted’s Grooming Rooms products, catering to all the stylish gentlemen who like things trim and proper.


Ted’s Grooming Rooms incorporate a modern take on the traditional Turkish ‘efe’. Barbering in Turkey is a long-standing tradition, dating back to the time of the Efes and the Ottoman Empire; Ted himself discovered this on his worldly travels through the backstreets of Instanbul.

Merging the modern man with this traditional ‘Turkish delight’, the range has been skillfully created to heighten The Grooming Rooms unique experience, and also to provide the same shaving ritual at home. The packaging emulates Ted’s suave ethos, with contemporary shaped products and vintage style labels.

With 8 brand new products, each providing the perfect gentlemanly finish, follow this step by step guide and make sure you (or the man in your life) are trimmed and stylish in time for your holidays and beyond!

TGR_Face_Scrub_150ml_TubeStep 1-Cleanse

Use Ted’s Face Wash (RRP £8.00, 200ml). Its soothing Canadian Willowherb extract and conditioning D-Panthenol, defeats excess oil and impurities with ease. So adopt a new strategy and switch to the proper stuff on the double.

Step 2-Exfoliate 

Do battle against dirt, dead skin and in-growing hairs every other day with Ted’s Face Scrub (RRP £8.00, 150ml) which uses jojoba beads to encourage refined, radiant skin that’s ready for shaving. After all, it’s good to know how to take the rough with the smooth.

Step 3-Shave

Keeping a cool head is essential when on holiday or at a festival and equally crucial to a good shave. Triumph over skin irritation with Ted’s menthol-infused Shave Gel (RRP £8.00, 150ml) and let its calming Aloe Vera powder leave your skin feeling clear and refreshed. TGR_Shave_Balm_150ml_Tube

Step 4-Moisturise 

If shaving is leaving your skin drier than a desert storm, slather on Ted’s Shave Cream (RRP £8.00, 150ml) – a marvellously moisturising shave cream with a refreshing menthol after-effect. Or for a moisturising finish like no other, deploy Ted’s best kept secret weapon; Ted’s Post Shave Balm (RRP £9.00, 150ml) It has soothing eucalyptus & sweet almond oil that will have dry skin waving the white flag! 

Step 5-Cologne

Top off that perfect shave with a Ted’s Cologne (RRP £15.00, 100ml) to ensure you turn heads when you enter the room! Deploy a little of this spicy, citrus and ginger-infused potion after shaving and you’ll be fighting off armies of admirers! 

Step 6-Hair

Ted’s a strong believer in never meddling with a winning formula and this Hair Wax

TGR_Hair_Putty_125g_Lid_v2(RRP £6.50,125ml) is a classic choice for the more discerning gent; it contains a dash of beeswax to keep your hair in tip-top shape. If your looking for something a bit stronger, Ted’s brand new Hair Putty (RRP £6.50,125ml) is just the ticket. Imfused with coconut essence (which reminds us of our holiday!) for an on-trend matt finish, this putty gives substantial hold and is a firm favourite amongst the Ted’s Grooming Rooms barbers. If thats not your style, try out Ted’s Hair Gel (RRP £6.50, 125ml) which will help whip any unruly barnet into shape! This supreme hair gel will also give hair an unrivalled shine.

Ted Baker’s Ted’s Grooming Room products are available at Boots stores nationwide, in ted’s Grooming Room salons and in selected Ted Baker stores.

Visit online at: 

www.tedsgroomingroom.com and www.tedcares.co.uk

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