Prezzybox Powerbank Mirror Review

April 29, 2017
Prezzybox Powerbank Mirror Review

Targeted at those who live their life on the go, the Swipe Powerbank by Prezzybox  promises to solve two lifestyle needs in one when you’re in a hurry, offering both beauty mirror and power-bank device charger in one lightweight item.

Simplistically designed, the Powerbank offers a gloss finished all-black outer in a shell style case which flips open and close to stay compact in your handbag.

Prezzybox Powerbank Mirror Review

The wire port is a USB, which is compatible with multiple devices. It is worth check compatibility before purchasing. Power levels can be measured by checking the LED light to see how much juice you have left.

Having a quick look at similar products available, this style of product can be found from £10 up, making the Prezzybox option right in the middle with it’s competitive £20 price tag. At the moment this product is on offer for a  £9.32, adding to it’s appeal.

The wire is a little short so when charging out and about you’ll have to keep your device close-by which shouldn’t be too much of an issue if you’re charging in your bag as you travel.

Prezzybox Powerbank Mirror Review

Ideal for sporadic selfies, you can keep your make-up on point and phone powered up to ensure your instagram feed is never neglected, perfect for bloggers and avid social sharers.

We foresee this handy little product being a saviour for holiday and festival season, allowing navigating getting ready in a tent or foreign room to be a little easier.

One thing we would’ve approved of would have been a little range in the design of this Powerbank, perhaps a print or choice of alternative colours. On the whole though black will always be a fail-safe choice for adhering to the majority of shoppers.

Prezzybox Powerbank Mirror Review


The Mirror Powerbank is a nifty little product made for women on the go and brilliant for festivals. We would recommend taking advantage of the current promotional discount whilst it’s there to snap this up as a bargain product.

Shop the Prezzybox Mirror Powerbank.

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