Sunflower Chic with Aquazzurra Faille Slip Ons

June 18, 2018
aquazzura faille slip ons

This week our favourite fashion pick comes in the form of Aquazzura’s cute and colourful Sunflower Embellished Faille Slip On’s, which we see as the newest Summer must have to complete your wardrobe.

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Slip Ons have already been huge throughout 2018, taking the dressier form of mules for evening affairs and city dwelling and going more daytime casual with slipper shoes. This may have made the competition fierce, but Aquazzura holds their own with these charming little beauties.

Each sunflower pops as a 3D attachment, hosting delicate lose thread petal formation with a stud embellishment to take centre point for the seeds. These are evenly dispersed in a calculated way to keep symmetrical consistency throughout, an organised fashionista’s dream basically.

The inside is composed of leather, which you know will give snug fit which should eventually give a little and mould to your foot for a better and more comfortable fit over time.

Set to match the studding on each sunflower, the heel features gold metal trim, on only a small heel for slight lift without being too extra. We see this as giving good balance between going fashionably chic without over dressing things.

The selection of colours also impressed us, with colour pop green and pink being ideal for extroverts whilst classic black and on trend mustard providing staple hues you know you’ll wear again and again.

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