STYLEetc. plans 2017 actvitiy for Manchester Bloggers

January 9, 2017
STYLEetc. plans 2017 collaboration with Manchester Bloggers

A new year calls for change, so here at STYLEetc. we’re reaching out to local bloggers in a bid to improve community, relationships and support for Manchester’s fashion, beauty, lifestyle and all other genreĀ bloggers.

Our idea is to create a community for bloggers to keep up to date with one another and use our platform to bring news to our readers on the latest on North West influences. Many bloggers presently post on Twitter discussing the struggle to reach out and meet like-minded bloggers, feeling generally left out of the bubble with no way in.

Our goal is to change that by organising blogger meet ups and profiling local talent onsite. As part of our new scheme, we will be interviewing local bloggers, shooting street style shoots and hosting guest authors to shine light on influencers big and small within our area.

All features under this scheme will not cost all we ask is you share our cause across your blogs and social to help build up an all-inclusive group.

Once we have interest we will be hosting Twitter chats for bloggers to compare tips and share their own advice as well as discussing life in Manchester and popular culture discussion.

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date on our latest blogger news.

If you are interested in getting involved please give us a shout at and please comment below to share the love.

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