4 Stigmas around Mental Health we need to change

July 9, 2017
4 Stigmas around Mental Health we need to change

Mental health is topic that will affect us all in some way or other. This may be a personal experience or channelled through a family member. Whatever the experience, it is important that common stigma’s are broken around mental health conditions so that the naive and immature minority who misunderstand are educated to know that sufferers of mental health are real people with feelings too.

1. People with Mental Illness are all dangerous

This is quite simply not the truth. Unfortunately many horror films are to blame for embellishing somewhat the nature of certain mental illnesses; including schizophrenia and bipolar.

Each sufferer’s experience is unique and there are many high functioning men and women who suffer with these and other mental illnesses who are no less a public threat than you or I.

2. If your parent has a Mental Illness you must too

This is a particular area which needs to be reiterated to many individuals. Personal experience shows negative attitudes toward mental illness, where many have jumped to conclusions that because a person’s parent is unwell, they must too have symptoms of the illness.

These attitudes are poisonous and need to be educated further. Mental illness is not discriminatory as to who can be affected, you may have no genetic history and still be unfortunate to be affected. The answer is to judge everyone as an individual personality and not make assumptions on what you think they or their parents are like.

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3. You can't talk about Mental Illness

This is an area which many high profile names, including the Royal Family, are working to improve. Opening the lines of communication for mental health will work toward changing attitudes and helping those struggling know they can reach out and talk to someone without being judged.

Workplaces can be notoriously difficult to navigate, with many feeling mental health simply isn’t a good enough reason to be classed as ‘sick’ or warrant a day off. We need to change opinions so that everyone knows their mental health is equally important to physical health.

4. Mental Health Problems can stop you achieving your Goals

With the right support, anyone can achieve their personal goals, be that starting a family, moving up in a career or travelling the world. Just look a Zoella who has battled anxiety and is a mental health ambassador for Mind. The beauty of the blogging world is that is has opened many eyes to just how common mental health issues can be, therefore normalising conventions and making it seem OK to open up and share your story. The by-product of this means there is now a network of people available to boost confidence and relate to problems encountered. This is also true of NHS support groups available and online forums. With support available and funded care where support workers can assist and implement life altering care to help people get back on track in life and become functioning again, opportunity is also there to show any person can achieve their dreams if they set their minds to it.

We will be continuing to bring support and awareness around mental health so please do suggest if you have a topic we should cover to editorial@style-etc.co.uk.

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