Spring Menu Review at Lost & Found

May 5, 2019
spring menu lost and found

After first visiting Lost and Found when it opened back in 2016, we were impressed by the experience. Since then the Knutsford based bar and restaurant has proved popular with the locals and built up a regular clientele. With a new spring menu on offer, STYLEetc headed back to the area to see how things had changed. 

Spring Cocktails

espresso martini cocktails lost and found knutsford
Nassau Punch and Espresso Martini

Lost and found has always had a great selection of drinks, especially cocktails. For this visit we tried the Nassau Punch, Espresso Martini and Aperol Spritz.

All three were tasty and measured up to expectation. The Aperol was a very generous measure in particular. These made for perfect daytime drinks to enjoy whilst sat in the sun. The cocktails also were perfect for adding to your instagram feed, as they looked pretty set alongside the restaurant’s pleasing interiors.

aperol spritz
Aperol Spritz
haddock and salmon fishcake in hollandaise
Smoked Haddock and Salmon Fishcakes £7.00

Seasonal Starters

The first starter was the fishcakes, which featured both salmon and haddock inside and was covered with a pouring of holllandaise sauce. The kitchen managed to make a fishcake look dainty and pretty, with an addition of greenery and flower petals decorating the top. Each component of this dish was kept in proportion to the other and yolk of the egg worked well to keep the fish moist and avoid it drying out.

grilled chicken skewers
Grilled Chicken Skewers £8.00

The grilled chicken skewers were the second starter to try and have been revamped for spring with a light topping of cucumber, carrots, lime and coriander. This was a nice and light dish to try on a sunny day. The additional flavourings worked very well with the satay sauce and adapted this to suit the season. The lime brought a balance which allowed a bitter juice to counter the sweetness in the sauce.

Main Dishes

sirloin steak knutsford lost and found
Sirloin Steak £18.00

For mains, the first choice was the Sirloin steak which was requested to be medium/well. This arrived as requested and was found to be juicy and flavourful. It had the option of sauces, ours came with garlic butter which was generously applied on top of the steak to melt into the meat and add further flavour.

The steak came with rocket salad and tomato but does not come with any form of potato (these need to be ordered separately), giving you the choice to go lighter on the carbs or mix and match your sides to suit.

Additional sides were ordered to go with the mains; the side of veg and the triple cooked chips. The chips were veggie friendly and came deep friend but soft. These went nicely with the steak. The veggies includes a mix of chantenay carrots and leaves, which proved a welcome addition to each meal. 

lamb lost and found knutsford
Roast Rump of Lamb £18.00

The second main was the roast rump of lamb, which was served alongside tomato fondue, dukkah and grilled asparagus with fondant potato and red wine jus. The presentation was interesting and instantly caught the eye when this was served. As for taste, the lamb was pink and tender, exceedingly good. If you like your lamb juicy and soft, this will be the dish for you. The potatos were a little fluffy and soft, with a crisp exterior that juxtaposed well and the jus proved to be a lovely sauce to give additional flavour to the dish.

sticky toffee pudding lost and found knutsford
Sticky Toffee Pudding £6.50

With just enough room for dessert, we opted for the classic sticky toffee pudding and the dark chocolate and peanut butter parfait. Firstly was the pudding, this came in a large square portin with a side of ice cream and dripping in toffee sauce,

There was something comforting and morishly good about the pudding that filled you up and satisfied.  Not too much, the sponge was airy and soaked up the sauce well. 

Likewise, the parfait also went down a treat and made the perfect light dessert dish if you don’t want to overindulge. The strong taste of both banana and peanut butter went perfectly well together and were additionally complemented with the dark chocolate. Very crisp pieces of honeycomb also come with this dessert and add balance to the textures.

Sweet Treats

chocolate and peanut butter parfait
Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter Parfait £7.00

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