Smile Lab Teeth Whitening Review

August 14, 2017
smile lab teeth whitening kit review

Teeth whitening can be tricky business with so many options to choose from and confusion around the pros and cons of each method. Smile Lab offers an affordable and quick way to achieve a whiter smile, which we put to the test for our latest beauty review.


The Smile Lab kit comes in a handy travel pouch, minimally designed with accenting pink branding. The inner pouch contains compartments to store strips and accommodating products on the go, ideal for travel.

The kit we trialled contained the strips, with the Smile Lab toothpaste being sold separately.

Each set of strips contains a long and short strip, set in sachets to hold 1 set per packet. The strips are curved to suit the shape of the teeth and come big enough to wrap around your teeth to fit. 

The idea is to take the two strips, apply to both upper and bottom teeth then wait 30 minutes and peel off.

smile lab kit teeth whitening

Smile Lab Results

It is advised teeth are properly cared for before application, you may want to floss away any excess bits to ensure you get the best possible results. The strips are very easy to apply and did not leave a bad taste in the mouth. Once time was up they did leave gel around the teeth which was easily rinsed away.

When sampling, the strips were immediately followed up by teeth brushing using the complementary toothpaste. Throughout the process we found there was absolutely no enhanced sensitivity, pain or discomfort. 

The strips were extremely simple to use and don’t take much time out of your day. They can be used as frequent as needed, the general sessions advise using one per day for 2-3 sessions to begin seeing results but if a session is missed this is unlikely to effect the process.

smile lab teeth whitening after

As the images show, there is slightly cleaner look after a session. The main thing noticed was that discolouration from stains seemed to very, very slightly, which gave good indication that after a few sessions better resulted would be showed. (Please note efforts have been taken to show after shots in natural light conditions).

Our review is unbiased and based on own experiences.

Within the market the pricing of this product is competitive and not too expensive to try as a non-invasive treatment which will have less chance of leaving ling-lasting damage on your teeth or gums. The application process was very simple and we would certainly continue to use this product for longer lasting results.

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