Save the Children urged Brits to go Mobile Free for Phoneless Friday

November 10, 2016

More people than ever are becoming reliant on their phones in day to day life, according to Save the Children who challenged people to stay off their phones for one day.

The ‘Phoneless Friday’ campaign aimed to get people off their phones and to donate £5 to the charity to participate last month, happening on 7th October.

Save the Children ambassador, Dom Joly, explains how Phoneless Friday gives people ‘the chance to go back to simpler times’ whilst also helping to raise money for a ‘worthy cause’.

The money raised will go towards giving children a healthy start to their life, and help provide things such as vaccines, mosquito nets, and blankets for babies.

Save the Children urged Brits to go Mobile Free for Phoneless Friday

A recent Opinion Matters survey showed just how much people rely on their phones as a crux to get through modern day life referring additionally to how etiquette whilst using phones is becoming more important.

Participants in the survey voted on what was considered to be bad etiquette, with being on your phone whilst talking to someone (64%) and talking loudly on the phone on public transport (66%) both deemed ruder than being late (54%), or giving up your seat to someone in need (63%).

With another aim of the campaign being to get people to talk to each other face to face, participants received a pack, including conversation starters to help encourage these sorts of interactions. This is with the hopes that doing it for one day, would show people how they don’t need to always have mobiles around.

Nick Jones, Director of Fundraising for Save the Children, describes the fundraiser as a ‘fun’ challenge. He believes the best participants are those who are normally ‘glued to their phones’ as you get to watch ‘that one mate’ struggle throughout the day whilst also raising money for charity.

Save the Children urged Brits to go Mobile Free for Phoneless Friday

People are even beginning to rely on their phones to deliver bad news to people. Even though 94% of the people surveyed believe giving bad news to someone shouldn’t be done online, 12% of people admitted to using social media to do this. Even 4.8 million people in the UK have been dumped over text.

In the study, people expressed how they ‘would not be able to cope’ if they accidently left their phones at home, which is understandable as a report by OfCom reveals that people spend over 24 hours online every week and send 262 million texts a day.

When asked why they would miss their phones if they left them at home, 26% said they’d worry about missing an important phone call, 19% would feel cut off from the world, and 12% would be so panicked they’d go home and get it.

Another reason people seem to rely on their phone is for directions, as 19% of people said they would get lost without their device.

But could you manage to go a whole day without using your phone?

Visit Phoneless Friday for all information.

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