Sailor Chic with Gucci’s Crepe Dress

June 10, 2018
Sailor Chic with Gucci's Crepe Dress

Nautical is a trend which just doesn’t seem to quit each Spring and Summer season and 2018 is no different, see Gucci’s latest crepe dress for perfect example.

Shaped by Decades

Taking on an austerity shape commonly seen in 1940’s fashion, there is a military-esque feel to the panelling and button down front, complemented with an oversized collar for good measure. This creates stern structure which demands to be listened to. Something we love to see in brands accessible to Manchester fashion.

In juxtaposition, the light tones of the white base, accented with the nautical navy, brings more of a playful vibe. The button front fasten is also livened up with lion’s head gold tonal hardware, stunningly detailed and bringing that little extra something to the look which Gucci does so well.

Interesting of this design is the wide waist panelling which acts as a belt to draw the silhouette in at the waist and accentuate natural curves in a flattering way. This is mirrored in the thick trim on the sleeves to match.

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How to wear

The overall result gives a summer in the French Riviera effect, you can easily imagine this complete with sun hat and basket case handbag to boot. Red accessorising would come naturally to create a colour pop effect, think red court shoes with a dash of red lipstick to standout.

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