New ‘Grill at the Bar’ Menu at Rosso

March 27, 2014

On Wednesday 26th March, STYLEetc were invited to sample the new Grill at the Bar concept at Rosso. The concept is simple, you cook your steak to you own individual taste on the 200 degree hot stones that are served to you!

Of course some people would question why would you want to go out and cook your own food but at Rosso, all the hard work is done for you. (They even do the washing up!)

The La Grigla Al Bar menu has three options you can choose from which are:


Prime fillet of English Beef presented on a hot stone. Served with pots of crushed peppercorn sauce, glazed balsamic onions and Béarnaise Sauce.

Fillet Steak Stones


Tender Lamb Cutlets presented on a hot stone. Served with pots of fresh Mint jus, Juniper and Redcurrant jelly and Rosemary scented Olive Oil.

Lamb Steak Stones


Prime Tuna loin present on a hot stone. Served with pots of Chilli and Cherry Tomato jam.

Tuna Steak Stones

All the dishes are also served with Sautéed Wild Mushrooms, Vine Ripened Tomatoes, Mixed Salad and crispy hand cut chips. The wonderful chefs sear and season the steak for you, sealing in the flavour, they even cook the chips, all you need to do is decide how you want your steak!

Want it raw? Take it off the stones and leave it on the side plate.

Want it medium? Slice off pieces individually and leave them to cook in seconds!

Prefer it well done? Leave it to sizzle away in front of you why you enjoy some of the fabulous cocktails that Rosso has to offer.

5 at 5 cocktails

They have the new Five at Five cocktail menu, which is inspired by fashion and the owners favourite number. This season’s collection differs slightly to the old formula and has embraced all that is innovative and exciting about cocktail making. The menu has something for everyone from the L’Evoluzione, which includes Bourbon, Il Jolly which has a hint of gingerbread, Il Corto, a ‘short’ Island Iced Tea, as well as their own take on the classic Il Rovo (The Bramble) cocktail. But our favourite has to be La Fusione, a mix of Prosecco and strawberry, which can be made either sweet or bitter, depending on your taste. The Five at Five are £5 each and served Monday to Friday, 5pm till 7pm.

5 at 5 Menu

Next time you’re looking for a unique and exciting dining experience, make sure you give Rosso’s Grill at the Bar a go! Its excellent value for money and the gorgeous surroundings of the Grade 2 listed building blend effortlessly with the modern décor, leaving you wanting to sip cocktails to the early hours.


By Emily Parker

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