Review: Foundation Coffee House

June 3, 2015

When STYLEetc heard about Manchester’s newest coffee shop, we couldn’t wait to check it out. Situated in the grade 2 listed building of Sevendale House on Lever Street in the Northern Quarter, Foundation Coffee House is thought to be the biggest independent coffee shop in the UK and its clear to see why! Its light and airy and the owner Adam tells us how they opted for the double unit cause they couldn’t decide between them both! 



Adam Chapman first started out building his own gym near the airport and after investing in a coffee machine for the kitchen, his coffee snobery grew! So we were slightly apprehensive when we ordered a Caramel Latte! 


Coffee Art courtesy of Kyle

Working with Dominic from No Chintz, the Manchester based creative interior design studio, they came up with the design. They picked up on the buildings engineering past, as well as the industrial revolution being part of Manchester’s foundations and came up with Foundation Coffee House! I’m pretty sure most of our readers will agree that a coffee is the best foundation to the day! However, the didn’t want to make the design Manchester-centric, so there could be opportunities to expand into other UK cities; watch this space! And there is great attention to detail, even down to the Victorian figures on the toilet doors which are Adam’s great-great grandparents! 


Lets just take a minute to talk about the toilets! Minimalist yet modern design, fused with traditional Belfast sinks and Aesop’s hand soap! (Its chained down though, just incase you thought about knocking it into your handbag!) 


Once all the right foundations were in place (no pun intended…) Adam set about finding the most passionate barista’s to work behind the bar. People who not only knew their steamer from the syphon, but who had a genuine passion for coffee. 

Their coffee menu is extensive and even serves the ‘BulletProof Coffee’ coffee mixed with butter and oil. Fitness-freaks claim it keeps them fuller for longer and their brains more alert and its definitely something you wont find on the menu in your chain coffee shop. Specialist coffee also include, Red Eye, Black Eye, Dead Eye and syphon coffee’s. These have been seen around the city with alcohol at The Alchemist but Foundation brings a whole new life to them. If you aren’t on the morning coffee run and have time to sit and enjoy your coffee, the syphon is great. It looks amazing and the end result is well worth the wait. 


The coffeeshop also has super-fast wifi and laptop charger points around the building, making it perfect for those who like to decamp and while away the hours in a coffeeshop. Our newest member of the editorial team Amy vows to finish her Masters Dissertation in there! There is also a large ‘box’ which doubles up as a private room for meetings or staying away from distractions. 

Foundation Coffee House also monopolises on the competition by opening at 7.30am in the week! So make sure the next time you’re reaching for your coffee fix, you head to Foundation; you wont be disappointed. 


By Emily Parker


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