Revealed: The UK’s biggest Mother’s Day Spenders

March 22, 2017
Revealed: The UK's biggest Mother's Day Spenders

It is to be expected that you will treat your mum on Mother’s Day, but we all know some are more lavish and spend-happy whilst others prefer a more bargainous approach. Bloom & Wild has conducted a survey to reveal just who are the biggest spenders for Mothering Sunday per order.

Arguably the nation’s most popular gift, flowers, presented interesting results, are people opting for carefully curated bunches or just picking up a quick buy at their local petrol station (we’d hope the former for mum’s sake).

Results showed offspring in Towns were more inclined to spend on their flowers and more likely overall to choose flowers as a gift. Shoppers in towns spent on average 50p more per bunch than City dwellers. Only two of the top ten locations by average order per customer are city-based: Brighton and Hove, with £42 per order, and Winchester, with £33 per order.

Revealed: The UK's biggest Mother's Day Spenders

With flowers as the focal point of the study, the survey also assessed where people bought the most floral gifts overall, with the winner being Cambridge. Cambridge presented average figures on spend per person but made up more sales, collectively spending almost £28,000 on flowers this year up to present day.

It may seem surprising that studies showed men being more likely to buy Mother’s Day flowers than women, but when assessing it is clear this takes into account men buying for their partners with children as well as sons themselves, bringing the statistical number of male participants in shopping for the day to a higher amount.

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Alton sits at the top of the overall list with a total average spend of £43 per order. Other towns in the top ten include Redhill (£36), Solihull (£35) and Stratford-upon-Avon (£32). At the other end of the spectrum, Knutsford residents are only spending £18 per order, with Hitchin and Ryde also trailing with £22 and £22 respectively.

Revealed: The UK's biggest Mother's Day Spenders snapdragons flowers

So who are the scrimpers? Included in the lowest of spenders were Derby and Peterborough, both averaging £23 per person. The difference between the least and most generous locations in the UK is significant, at 390%, suggesting that some mums might be short-changed this Mother’s Day. Bloom & Wild expects the total spend on Mother’s Day gifts in the UK to exceed £1bn this year (up from £928m in 2016).

With flowers ever popular as a simple yet thoughtful gift choice, which are the ones to go for this year? According to the brand, Snapdragons are the ones to look out for in your shop. Statistics like this show tradition isn’t dead in our shopping habits, with a rising nod to personalised gifts and more unique gifts you still can’t go wrong with a trusty bunch of flowers.

Will you be buying your mum flowers this Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments and on social. Click to read more Lifestyle.

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