Renunail Nail Strengthener Review

June 27, 2017

First impressions

Promising to repair and restore dry and damaged nails, we were keen to try Renunail Nail Strengthener for review.

Set in typical nail polish packaging, this product will subtly blend into your collection of polishes, perfect if you like to keep your set organised and favour make-up trays. 

The colour is a classic nude, which when applied appears clear, giving nails a nice shine. The formula dries fairly quickly, making it easy to apply if you don’t have a lot of time to waster before heading out. 

A plus point to this fast-drying nature is the potential to use this as a base and cover over with your chosen colour of nail polish. As the instructions advise using everyday for a 6-day period this is ideal for a non-intrusive treatment to not interrupt your daily nail aesthetic.

Personal Opinion

As a serial nail neglector, which rarely had time to spend on nail treatment, this product was a welcome treat. It is clear to see why Renunail has such strong reviews across its retail platforms.

The sheer nature ensures the colour can make an ideal base as well as a top coat, making for versatile wear for whatever needs suit. Users can follow the everyday treatment suggestion for the nail strengthening qualities, or simply use ad hoc for when their nails need some extra shine and texture.

The fast drying make-up of this product makes it ideal for a busy lifestyle (guilty) as well as serving well for impatient users who struggle to keep nails intact during the drying process (doubly guilty).

Retailing at a competitive £17 (this can vary depending on retailer) Renunail is priced fairly to match standard products within the high street to mid-tier.

It’s certainly worth a try if you have exhausted other options and are looking for a nail strengthener to improve quality and look of your nails.

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