Reasons to buy an Old Home

October 23, 2018
reasons to buy an old home

If you are thinking about moving house for work or to be better connected to local amenities and your family, you might have seen a couple of advertisements for new homes, and be tempted to give a recently built house a go. However, in some situations it is better to go for an old construction, and you might even get a better value for your money. Find out more about these situations below.

house with character

You want Character

If you are looking for something beyond standard, you will need a home that has a charm and unique features that you can turn into advantages and comfortable, functional spaces. Older homes, such as cottages and farmhouses have been built to last, and have some features that you will not find in newly built ones.

You need more Space

One of the things that older homes have as an advantage over new builds is the space inside and outside. If you have teenagers or older children living with you, it is important that you have an en suite bathroom, bigger rooms, and a large enough kitchen. Not to mention that the older the house is the larger the plot generally is, so you can make the most out of the outdoor space, as well as the interior features.
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Location matters

If you are hunting for the right location, and would like to break up with the city, you might want to consider nearby villages. Before you buy a house, however, you will need to check the road networks and the connections, as one of the disadvantages of living in a small village is that you will struggle to park and get in and out during busy periods. Still, it is worth to pay the premium for countryside location.

You have Renovation budget

In case you have a budget to turn the home into something that suits your needs and taste, it might be a waste of time and money to buy new. You can make the most out of the features and location of an old home and engage with Contemporary Architects so you can design your dream old and new home that will represent the best of both worlds.  
house in countryside

Nothing New fits Expectation

If you have a clear idea of how your new home should look like, and you can’t find anything that fits the bill and your budget, you might want to start thinking outside of the box. It is easier to get a home extension completed than you would think, and you can open up the space and complete a full renovation project in just a couple of months, so you can move into your dream home and enjoy contemporary comfort and traditional style. If you are ready to move house or are a first time buyer striving for perfection, a new build might not be for you. Consider older properties that can give you a price advantage and help you make the most out of your budget at the same time.

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