Reactions to the Met Gala Looks

May 8, 2018
the met gala new york best dressed

It is an anticipated and earmarked date on any fashionista’s calendar, meaning we couldn’t help but scour the internet this morning to see the best and worst looks from the Met Gala in New York.

Each year the fashion event takes on a different theme, 2016 saw Manus x Machina, 2017 Art of the inbetween and last nights 2018 instalment; Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.

The theme itself caused some controversy, with outcries on twitter dubbing the theme blasphemous and insensitive to patrons of the religion, some named Rihanna’s Papal outfit a form of cultural appropriation. Others saw it as an ode to Catholicism, tying together the beginnings of art, history and religion which saw many outfits taking on inspiration of famous works (see Ariana Grande’s Sistene Chapel style dress complete with Michelangelo patterning).

Theme Reactions

Some saw the funny side to the theme, making reference to the Hunchback of Notre Dame amongst other Disney puns as can be seen below.

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Winners and Sinners

Whilst the effort put in to all outfits must be applauded, some just didn’t get quite the reaction their wearer’s may have wanted. Kendall Jenner in particular got backlash for not playing up to the theme and going for a ‘safe’ all white jumpsuit. Her outfit may have been drab, but her attitude showed diva-like tendencies as she was filmed shoving a man out of her shot in a savage attempt to have her moment in the limelight.

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Onto the winners, it’s obvious to anyone who totted up the outfits that Blake Lively owned this year’s event. Her dress was so delicate, intricate and bang on theme she surely must have thought it was worth the effort hauling it to the venue on a bus (it wouldn’t fit in a car).

Rihanna got top marks for her risque Pope-esque look and Katy Perry took on the playful spirit of the evening with chainmail dress complete with huge angel wings.

Our personal favourite of the night was Ariana Grande, who got the perfect blend of Haute Couture inspiration meets contemporary dinner look. We would totally give her look a go (if only there were appropriate occasion in Manchester.

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