Purple Lounge Indian Review

September 25, 2017
purple lounge indian restaurant review walkden

A new establishment takes Walkden’s bustling takeaway and restaurant scene by storm as Purple Lounge open’s in the Salford town. Always ones to try something new, STYLE etc headed down to review the Indian eatery.  

purple lounge restaurant salford manchester walkden
Dining Pods purple lounge wooden walkden

Purple Decor

As the name suggests the decor is all themed around purple walls and furnishings, taking on a modern traditional aesthetic. Some classic Indian features, such as the curved arch seating areas by the window, pay homage to the culture, whilst other fittings show an interest in contemporary design.

The arched tables, along with wooden pods, offer a more intimate dining experience for larger groups. Plenty of couples tables are available and all seating is set around a middle set bar. 

The walls are tiled with the ever-trendy metro tiles (giving us serious wall envy), shifting between minimalist white and bold purple to complement other interiors. Lighting is set (purple of course) around the bar and entrance to further set tone for the overall design. 

purple lounger indian walkden salford
poppadoms purple lounge walkden manchester

Starters and Drinks

meat samosas purple lounge walkden
Meat Samosas

As we were in for quite a lot of food we decided to stick with soft drinks, which were averagely priced for the area. Alcohol was on offer in the form of usual beers and spirits but we were also informed plans to expand onto cocktails were currently underway.

We were quickly offered the typical starters of Poppadoms and dips along with our drinks to kick things off. Always a nice snack to begin with whilst perusing the menu for mains.

Our starters consisted of Chicken Pakora and Meat Samosas. The Pakora was basically tandoori chicken fried in batter and served with a slice of lemon. We viewed as an Indian restaurant answer to KFC, the shell was crisp and easily slipped away from the inside to reveal tender and supple chicken within. The batter added a slightly more fragrant flavour to tandoori chicken  and this dish was easily accommodating of most tastes as it was one of the milder offerings. 

tandoori chicken pakora purple lounge

The Meat Samosas were generously filled with a combination of minced lamb, peas and seasoning, encased in a batter shell with salad and a lemon slice on the side. The Samosas made a light starter to not overfill but were still plenty filling, the warm and structured shell held the contents adequately to offer something comforting and enjoyable.

Main Courses

Mains included a British classic; Chicken Tikka Masala and a more alternative choice with the Lamb Tika Sagwala.

The Masala was distinctly sweet, thick and creamy to go nicely with a side of rice and chips. The chicken fit the description of the earlier starter, being soft and tasty, bringing a nice texture to go with the sauce.  The presentation made the most of the food available to work with, adding a swirl of cream to make the bold red curry look a little prettier when served.

The Sagwala was presented best, with a slice of lemon and lime sat on top for decoration. The main curry was dressed with leaves for enhanced texture and taste, allowing a mixture of flavours when paired with standard pilau rice. Not one for spicy lovers, this curry was more mild, focusing on flavours over heat.

Chips and rice came on the side (purchased as separates) in accommodating bowls with a serving spoon to dish out to suit your portion preferences. 

chicken tikka masala purple lounge
lamb tika sagwala purple lounger walkden

Desserts and Final Thoughts

baileys coffee liquer purple lounge

Desserts included a simple selection of ice creams, with coffees and hot drinks also available for after. 

We tried the Baileys Coffee with made for a comforting drink after consuming a lot of food. Not too heavy and nicely balancing the coffee and alcohol, this made for a familiar choice to end our evening with. 

The prices overall were competitive for the area and portions were never scrimped on to ensure you get your money’s worth. 

Purple Lounge also offers takeaway if you live locally and don’t fancy dining out for the night. 

Already racking up excellent reviews, it looks like the Indian will be here to stay, expanding the areas choice of food to enjoy and providing convenience with its vast choice of free parking available in the retail park surrounding. 

indian restaurant decor purple lounge

Browse the menu and find our more at Purple Lounge’s website

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