Public Desire launches VIPD Influencer collection

July 18, 2017
Public Desire launches VIPD collection

Public Desire furthers its collaborative efforts with influencers by launching a new collection featuring; CC Clarke, Shirley’s Wardrobe, Jayde Pierce and Lissy Roddy. Expect Instagram goals all-round.

vipd public desire influencer blogger collaboration cc clarke lissy roddy shirleys wardrobe jayde pierce

Individual Influence

Each influencer has designed two styles of shoe each, which are available in a few selection of colours, adhering to personal tastes of their own style. CC Clarke goes evening vamp with star print platforms and thigh-high heels, whilst Lissy Roddy adheres to a daytime aesthetic with statement block heeled boots.

Jayde Pierce’s styles offer feminine glamour, with strappy heels and opened toed patent boots to choose from, with Shirley’s Wardrobe following a similar style of nighttime heels and lace up thigh-boots.

The colours amongst all bring the styles together to form collection, mixing a combination of silver, gold, black and pale pink. The attitude follows suit, with all fitting the bill as statement shoes designed to turn heads, perfect for bold styling.

The new VIPD range seeminly continues efforts to establish brand style as loud and confident, much like it’s consumer. Public Desire continue to make shoes for statement, opting for those signature one-off pieces which are sure to fly off the shelves and into every bloggers Instagram feed. It’s a tactic which seems to be working well for the forward-thinking fast fashion house.

vipd public desire collection bloggers

Power of Instagram

With a combined following of 2.4 million on Instagram alone, the power of social influence is clear. These girls commanded a vast and engaged audience, making it ideal to harness this power through collaborative collection by Public Desire.

As influencer collaborations seem to be the new celebrity collections, this shows the changing platforms where we consume fashion and shop. A featured collection with an influencer who fits brand aesthetic these days can be much more efficient in targeting audience personas than a celebrity endorsement.

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