Provoke Haircare Liquid Blonde Shampoo Review

October 2, 2017

Our Beauty Editor, Grace Culham has been testing Pro:Voke’s latest haircare offering of Liquid Blonde Colour Infusion Shampoo and Gloss Intensifying Conditioner.

The brand behind the famed, Touch of Silver shampoo, an absolute must for blondes, has recently unveiled their latest haircare products; Liquid Blonde Colour Infusion Shampoo and Gloss Intensifying Conditioner.

Maintaining glossy blonde hair can be notoriously difficult with colours fading and often looking tired. Eager to discover a new hair care favourite, STYLEetc is exploring the realms of Pro:Voke’s blonde haircare and putting their new range to the test. How will Pro:Voke’s new combination of blonde enhancing shampoo and conditioner fair?

Pro:Voke Products

As a trip to the hairdressers can be an expensive and time consuming task, the beauty of Pro:Voke’s Colour Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner is really that the products provide an instant refresh comparable to that of a salon visit for your hair. The golden packaging mimics the effect of the range on your hair, setting the tone for the quality of the products. Hair is free from knots and has a silky soft finish, the kind you get from a salon experience, just for a fraction of the price and time. Both the shampoo and conditioner can be purchased from £3.99 each for a 200ml bottle.

The products are aimed at those who favour dyed blonde hair; specifically targeting caramel, honey or golden blonde hair tones by adding warmth to your colour with natural golden pigments. As we head towards winter and the temperatures drop, it may be a welcome reminder of summer to warm up your tresses.


The Colour Infusion Shampoo works to enrich your colour and intensify within just one application. As the shampoo is a treatment, it is recommended for use one or twice a week. You simply soak your hair in the shower or bath and then depending on length, apply an appropriate amount of shampoo to your hands before mixing with water to create a slight lather and finally massage from root to tip. The treatment shampoo needs to be left to develop for a maximum of five minutes before being washed off. Leaving the shampoo allows the natural golden pigments to develop and add to the vibrancy of your hair.

The mix of gentle rosemary and sunflower oil works to improve the condition of your hair whilst the natural gold pigments intensify the colour. The intensity of the colour appeared to have greatly improve after just one use and gave the impression of a sun kissed holiday look.

After completing the first step, proceed with conditioning your hair and add well needed moisture to your hair. Depending on the length and condition you may wish to cover the entirety of your hair with conditioner or just coat the ends. Alike to the shampoo, the conditioner is intended to be used as a weekly treatment. To gain maximum moisture it is recommended that it be left on hair for three to five minutes.

The conditioning treatment contains nourishing Tamanu Oil which aids in repairing damaged hair. This is a particularly brilliant ingredient for blondes, as hair can tend to be drier due to the chemicals used to create the colour, or for other reasons such as heat or sun damage. Depending on the length of your hair, you may not need to use very much product as a little bit goes a long way and will be enough to nourish your locks.

Once dried and styled, hair appeared more vivid and lustrous in its shade of blonde. Hairbrushes glided through our hair which stayed sleek and smooth throughout the course of the day after use.

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