Primark Girly Pastel Must Haves of February

February 12, 2017
Primark Girly Pastel Must Haves of February

You know the drill when you walk into a Primark store, go in for a pair of socks, come out with 6 dresses, 12 t-shirts and a new concept for your spare bedroom at home, it’s just how it is.

The cheap and cheerful nature of this beloved British brand makes it a must to browse when looking for stocking up on basics or just saving a few quid on trend led styles.

On the quiet Primark has stepped up it’s game in a bid to compete with the fast fashion front runners, firstly by implementing an all-new lifestyle driven website, which offers tailored content to promote it’s vast selection of goods. Whilst certain new products are shown there is still no functioning ecommerce function to shop via the site (much to loyal customers dismay). This is likely due to the low-cost price offering which surely would take a big hit by constant returns, as many fast fashion sites fight an uphill struggle against.

In store Primark leads a strong game, heading up variety in it’s denim, plentiful supply in basics and tempting choice of fashion one-off pieces which can’t be found elsewhere. There may always be the off the wall PR attracting piece most of us wouldn’t dare to wear, but with the sea of offerings Primark provides, it accommodates for the odd fashion faux-pas or two by counterbalancing with those instant success sellout styles.

In the spirit of Primark’s impulse buy, addictive persuasion STYLEetc. has rounded up our top picks for the month of Primark’s best buys in Homeware and Fashion to save you the long haul trip to your local town centre.

Shop the full range at Primark.

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