Pizza Hut current menu review

January 27, 2018
pizza hut pasta trafford centre review

Pizza Hut has expanded over the past few years to incorporate further delivery only stores and making their food more accessible in the process. With the added options to get delivery, it’s stores may feel neglected at times so STYLEetc decided to venture down and review the current menu instore.

The location of choice was the Trafford Centre branch, located in the heart of the centre’s food court. It’s situation is competitive to say the least, with a number of fast food offerings and official dining choices vying for custom next door, but judging by the queue for tables Pizza Hut certainly wasn’t struggling. 

We were swiftly seated by our host, right next to the foot of one of the huge Egyptian figures embedded into the themed structure of the food court. Large pixar style lamps were dotted around the smaller tables, coloured with the signature Pizza Hut red. Our table was technically outside the restaurant and within the court.

The service was a little slow throughout, our three courses took us 2 hours, with slight waits between each course. Whilst the food itself was nothing to complain about, we did unfortunately have to track down a waiter to clear our table after they kept bringing courses out without clearing the past course plates. At least half a dozen staff passed us and did not clear despite visibly seeing the mess, leaving it to us to request this manually and wander round aimlessly looking for help.

garlic bread with cheese pizza hut
salad bar pizza hut

Salad Bar and Starters

To begin a round of Garlic Bread with Cheese was on the agenda, a classic Pizza Hut favourite to kick things off. Nicely soft in the middle with a crisp outer, the bread made a good hunger satisfying dish, with the optional extra of cheese giving some needed flavour on top. 

As with all Pizza Hut orders, salad comes complementary from the help-yourself bar. Offering a selection of pasta, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, sweetcorn and potato salad, there was a varied choice.

The potato salad came out top of all to suit our preference on the day.

half and half meat pizza hut


pasta hut pizza macaroni cheese

It would be rude to visit Pizza Hut and not try both the pizza and pasta available so we went all out . Sampling the new dish ‘pulled chicken mac and cheese’ which included the aforementioned ingredients with paprika flavouring. Toasted on top, the pasta was creamy and generously portioned making a decent main.

For pizza, we ordered a half and half selection to appease a fussy eater and experimental diners appetites in one. Our pizza also had additional cheese hidden in stuffed crust. One half was meatilicious and included pepperoni, chicken and bacon, with the other topped with spinach, mushrooms, chicken and pepperoni.

Very filling, the pizza went down a treat. Quite heavy it’s best not to over commit and go for too many sides alongside.

pizza hut cookie dough dessert


We had wanted to try the new s’mores cookie dough dessert but unfortunately it wasn’t available on the day of our visit so opted for the salted caramel and white chocolate instead. Gooey and warm, the dish is the epitome of comfort food and morishly good. The sharp cold of the ice cream on top gave a contrary texture which adds welcome value to the flavour to boot. It was definitely worth the journey to Pizza Hut just for this dessert.

Visit Pizza Hut online to browse the menu and find out more.

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