Parklife Festival Fashion of 2018

June 11, 2018
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Over the years we have attended Parklife, there has been a definitive shift in revelers style. Of course the standard festival attire has included some staple items (denim shorts, wellies and bum bags for example) but recent years have witnessed a change, with Parklife 2018 style taking on a life all it’s own. Being your local Manchester Fashion Magazine we had to check it out for ourselves.

Underwear as Outerwear

Whereas hot pants were the most daring item seen a few years back, it seems festival goers have gotten braver, daring to bare full bum in thongs and extremely short knicker shorts. Not just something seen on the few, there were hundreds of ‘suns out, bums out’ Parklifer’s, posing with bronzed backsides out without a care in the world.

It’s certainly not for everyone, but it seems the spirit of Parklife has taken on own life where guests see the event as an escapist portal to embrace free spiritedness and wear whatever takes their fancy. We just hope navigating taxis and buses homes by night wasn’t too chilly for them.


Not to leave the top half covered, many also teamed short shorts with bralets, nipple covers or tiny pieces of tape to show off full figures at the festival. Granted these girls fully embraced body confidence, with all shapes and sizes taking on the underwear as outerwear trend, with some accessorising their lingerie looks with mesh overlays, crochet trousers or simply some Victoria’s Secret-esque feathering for completion.

Glitter Girls

It wouldn’t be a festival without some face decoration and Parklife had an abundance of it in the form of glitter face paint and glued on gems. Many girls opted for the gypsy shrine inspired looks, going all out with symmetrical gem patterns across the forehead and cheeks. Others extended the glittering to full body, covering boobs, bums and chests with sparkle and dazzle.

glitter festival fashion style spotted parklife 2018

Rainbow was the theme of the day, with many adpoting a colourful combination of attire and make up. Unicorn hairstyles, made up of blended pastel hues adorned dozens of on trend attendees, styled up with tie dye jackets and multi sequin clothing.

Men's Style

For the lads sportswear reigned supreme, taking inspiration from reality TV star apparel and current menswear trends. Nostalgia brands including Fila were popular choices amongst the lads, paired with athleisure man bags and the latest Nike or adidas kicks to sign off the look.

men's fashion parklife 2018

For the less sporty types, holiday prints were the way to go, taking inspiration from classic Hawaiian shirts, cut off shorts and a pair of sunglasses as a signature outfit.

It’s safe to say the styles seen wouldn’t be gotten away with in a million years anywhere else in Manchester, or many places for that, but there is something about that one weekend in June when hedonists throw caution to the wind, don their most OTT looks and hit up Heaton Park for music and good times before heading back to reality and mundanity come Monday morning.

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  1. Steph says:

    Love the checked and yellow one!

  2. LK says:

    Too much underwear as outfits!

  3. Festival fashion is the best thing about SUMMER!

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