North West are the second biggest spending region on Clothes

May 3, 2018
north west big spenders fashion

We know us northerners love a good shop, which has been proved in new research naming the North West region as the second highest spenders on fashion (after London).

Our region apparently spends £116 a month on clothing according to a survey commissioned by JD Sports. The survey also asked the UK how they mostly spend disposable income and their feelings toward their shopping habits.

Disposable Income Spend

When it came to disposable income, the majority 19% said they use it to save for the future as opposed to spending on food, drink or clothes. 15% admitted to not having any disposable income left after the necessities of bills and outgoings. Over 55’s were the most likely age group to save for the future, but 1 in 3 18-24 year olds admitted they use disposable income on savings.

Whilst 1 in 3 of the younger generation might sound disappointing to some, we think it’s a positive stat, considering the increasing pressure on the ‘millenial’ generation amongst rising bills and falling salary increases. Having some form of disposable income to even save can be quite the achievement for generation rent and showing a sensible attitude to planning for the future.

Women were found to spend three times as much as men on handbags (guilty) but slightly less likely to save toward their futures. Whilst this is just a sample representation toward the UK’s actual spend and save habits, it is a little disappointing to see.

The thing most overall spent their disposable income on was food and drink, hardly surprising with the influx of accessible restaurants and bars popping up all over the country.

Refreshingly, the majority were happy with their spending habits, with 32% happy and 26% satisfied with how the use their extra pounds. Just 8% felt guilty, meaning that there is a gap of shop-happy spenders who are content with their frivolity, nothing wrong with it if it’s your money.

Regional Average Clothing Spend

  1. London                                                 £121.93
  2. North West                                         £116.47
  3. Northern Ireland                              £115.21
  4. North East                                           £114.92
  5. West Midlands                                  £105.85
  6. Yorkshire and the Humber           £104.04
  7. South West                                         £101.31
  8. Scotland                                               £100.23
  9. South East                                           £96.65
  10. Wales                                                    £96.61
  11. East Anglia                                          £89.59
  12. East Midlands                                    £88.26

Do you think the North West are big spenders on clothing? Let us know in the comments below.

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