Neutral Home Inspiration for Contemporary Decor

August 6, 2017
Neutral Home Inspiration for Contemporary Decor

Modern yet cosy, neutral tones can add a much needed update to your home. Adorning bathroom to bedroom, there is space for this trend throughout your home, read our guide to styling neutrals in your home to see how you can invite this hue to your decor.


neutral bedroom decor interiors

The first place to start with any neutral room is the wall. Muted beige and off-white take focal point for setting the tone, with the key being to stick to understated hues. Flooring can vary more to suit preference, with a classic look encompassing a darker set wooden floor. 

Furniture should follow suit to match wooden floor tones, too many wooden shades can appear messy and clashing. If your choice is carpet over wood, go for cream shades and allow furniture to be defining in darker shades such as brown.


neutral kitchen decor interiors

The trick to achieving a stylish neutral kitchen is to be selective with choices of wooden hues. Tan shades can sometimes come across cheaply if not decorated accordingly so choose wisely when deciding on cabinets and flooring.

Mixing marble worktops with the right wood can unveil a contemporary cottage inspired feel to your kitchen. Stick to your chosen shade and build around it, choosing one piece at a time so you can envision the finished product rather than trying to blend mismatching piece. 

Living Room

neutral living sitting room decor

The Living Room should be the most straightforward for redecorating to a neutral palette. Pale wooden cabinets and tables will look pretty alongside a chocolate hued feature wall, with white or cream accompanying walls as not to overwhelm.

Little details will be what sets the style of the Living Room apart, vintage look lamps and accessories will balance out an overly modern aesthetic to create the ultimate modern vintage result, comfortable and instagram-worthy.


bathroom neutral decor interiors

Neutral bathrooms should be designed around the initial tile choice to make life easier when buying the accommodating bathroom pieces and accessories. The main decision when opting for neutral shades in your bathroom will be how far to go and where to balance with white.

Wooden baths and sink units can look a little OTT when wood saturates your decor, so be careful to not go overboard. Again, avoid mixing wood shades, balance dark with light and avoid adding too much dark brown.

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