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October 22, 2013

Julie Neville leads by example of how clean living can literally save your life by opening Win Naturally in Manchester

Most people when told they will have to take prescribed medication for the rest of their lives may feel defeated and give up hope, but Julie Neville found another way to save herself and in doing so came up with the venture to open a store enabling others to do the same. The wife of Manchester United and Everton football star, Phil Neville, Julie found herself with a prolonged illness which she described as “a bad place, I just couldn’t get my health back on track by the conventional routes, and if I’d have felt good on all the drugs they had given me I wouldn’t have looked to go elsewhere, but I didn’t”. Luckily she found another answer to her problems: through cleaning living and nutrition.

Through making the decision to heal herself through diet and nutrition, Julie realised just how beneficial simple changes could be to her overall health and after just 9 months was off the medication she feared she’d have to take forever. After an amazing recovery, she decided to study more about nutrition; realising the potential of how she could pass this information on to others and as a result Win Naturally was born. Opened in the Trafford Centre, Manchester in October, the store aims to provide everyday people with simple solutions and additions to their lifestyle without preaching or giving false promises, Husband Phil Neville told us; “People think if something says diet on it then it works, but that might not be the best thing for you. We’re not preaching that this is all you should eat but there are a lot of things here that you can add to your diet that will make you healthier or help to keep your weight down and maintain a healthy lifestyle. People need to gain the knowledge and not just trust faddy diets”.


We all know it can be a constant battle to balance healthy eating without over doing it and depriving ourselves but luckily Win Naturally has an answer for that too with a range of tasty snacks you don’t have to feel guilty about; from organic chocolate full of antioxidants to popcorn which is air popped rather than oil popped, giving it the lowest fat levels possible, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to taste. Julie really did think of something for everyone when choosing products, there are a lot of intolerance foods for those with aversions to wheat, dairy, nuts or gluten, which she tells us many customers have already praised; “we’ve had so many comments today already of people saying “Gosh I really struggle and you’ve got this whole range”, so we’re searching far and wide to make sure we’ve got the best product”. Whether you want to bake your own gluten free cakes or choose the too good to wait for pre-made cookies it really is a one stop shop for healthy additions to your kitchen. And if you don’t feel guilty about the food you definitely won’t about the price, affordable and competitive you don’t have to be the wife of a footballer to shop here; with average prices ranging from organic soup at £1.35 and Simplyberry juice at £1.70 per litre. Aside from food there’s also a huge range of supplements and beauty products available, including organic fake tan which it free from harmful chemicals used in some other brands.

I must admit I can be an exercise-phobe myself, going to the gym is bottom of my to-do-list and I’ll always have the odd pizza Friday with the friends but what I have learnt from Win Naturally made me realise there’s nothing wrong with the odd lazy night in, in fact I quite enjoy them and there’s nothing wrong with that. What’s important is to make sure to set yourself up with the right nutrition in the first place so you can get away with those times you can’t be bothered to cook, Phil himself agrees with this; “The thing is we’re not ultra, ultra healthy. There’s times in the week you need to pig out and have fish and chips or Chinese, but you need to just put the right fuel in at the right times and that’s what I’ve learnt nutritionally and that’s why  Julie has done this”.  Cheating on your diet is a thing of the past, so if you want delicious treats you don’t have to regret the next day I recommend you pop in for some pop chips before they’re all gone.

For more information on products go to to check out the whole healthy range.

by Leanne Coppock


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