Mulberry launch new Amberley Bag

July 14, 2017
classic grey amberley mulberry handbag

Mulberry puts it’s latest accessory forward with a mind to capture the hearts of the fashion elite once more with the introduction of the Amberley bag.

inside suede mulberry amberley bag
Inside the standard Amberley

The Amberley

Set apart from the typical Mulberry aesthetic whilst retaining their signature charm, the Amberley bucks convention and aims to set trends of its own. A postman’s lock fastening aims to modernise perception of the Mulberry brand and give women (and some men no doubt) a new structure to covet.

The shaped design is clean set with rounded edges and comes in a selection of textures. The everyday version comes in a beautifully grained leather, ideal for remaining resistant to scratches and increasing longevity and wear.

A thin strap allows adjustable styling, simplistic yet functional as to not over-complicate overall look. The beauty of Mulberry is it knows its customer, classic yet modern, favouring basics to adhere to daily life yet providing that one signature bag which can can be worn in a multitude of combinations without growing tired.

Inside features a sumptuously soft suede, crafted to create interior pouches for storage of smaller items. Finite attention to detail is paid through the gold tonal hardware, a hue replicated in the discreet Mulberry branded lettering across the front of the Amberley.

The Amberley Collection Styles

Autumn Winter Preview

Whilst surveying the new collection, Mulberry gave us some insight as to some new styles yet to go on sale for autumn winter 2017. These styles digress from the classic Amberley shape, providing new re-imaginations to look forward to.

A quilted version is set for release, taking on geometric structured design with a mix of pastels defined by darker shades. A definitive top handle is spotted in this style, allowing for a more formal result, ideal for the practicalities of city life.

Other textures come into the fold, with a croc leather offering making a statement choice, the mustard yellow is a particular top pick of ours for colour-popping against the colder seasons palette ahead.

Miniature versions are also to come next season, making cute day accessories for essential carrying. A backpack is also crafted into this collection, offering versatile day-to-night wear with a detachable mini Amberley, perfect for heading from work to play. 

mulberry amberley rucksack backpack mini bag
The Amberley Backpack offers 2-in-1 wear
quilted croc leather amberyley bag aw17 mulberry
The AW17 Amberley styles are not yet on sale
small amberley mulberry bag aw17 blue oxblood
The Mini Amberley styles

Experts of the 'IT' Bag

Targeting the contemporary, younger consumer, Mulberry aims to reinvent previous success of the Cara and the Alexa bags which saw immense success across the UK. These were bags which became the ‘It’ accessory to have, quite depicting the persona’s of their namesakes. 

Classic styles, such as the enduringly popular Bayswater, have not rested on laurels and had reinvention to give customers something new to get excited about and it seems the introduction of the Amberley is a sign the brand is keen to continue toward change.

It is clear Johnny Coca is looking to revitalise the Mulberry brand and steer toward a new agenda to suit the landscape in which luxury fashion buyers shop. What is intriuging about the Amberley is it creates a new style for the brands whilst still encompassing  Mulberry country roots.

The name Amberley itself comes from Amberley Castle, an English country seat in west Sussex dating back to the 12th century. Yet the shape and execution of this design are nothing toward dated. This is a style which can be easily imagined adorning the arms of both city-slickers and country-dwellers alike. Non-discriminatory. A chameleon of it’s landscape.

This is Mulberry’s response to naysayers and doubters and we personally can’t wait to see what is next to come from the renowned British design house. 

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