Model Moment: Maya Brzezinska

June 10, 2014

Following on from the success of her first ever catwalk at Manchester Fashion Week, we caught up with one of the models from the night, Maya Brzezinska, for an interview and insight to her life as a model.


Photographer: Paul Hastie Designer: Gin & Tonic Vintage Clothing Hair: Gerrard Reilly

Where are you originally from?

Originally I’m from Poland. I came to the UK 7 years ago and absolutely love Manchester!

How were you discovered?

I sent my application to PHA Model & Casting Agency along with a few photos and they invited me for a test shoot. Then, they have asked me to come for model training and offered a contract! The atmosphere at the agency is very comfortable and you instantly feel that you belong there.

What was your first modelling job?

My first modelling job at PHA Model & Casting Agency was for Fashion Pony, an independent fashion boutique in Leeds. I had amazing experience and really enjoyed the shoot. I worked with an amazing team on a location shoot and absolutely loved it! Before that, I had a few shoots with some great photographers such as Patryk Zarzycki and Eliza Kurowska, just to gain experience, improve myself as a model and receive good photos for my portfolio. I am always keen to build up my portfolio and eager to work on a range of interesting projects and shoots.



Photographer:  Patryk Zarzycki Hair & Makeup: Anna Martini


What has been the highlight of your career so far?

I believe that the highlight of my career so far is definitely participation in Manchester Fashion Week 2014! It was great experience to be one of the models walking on the catwalk in amazing outfits from the most fabulous designers for three days. I feel that I really improved myself as a model and improved my confidence. As it was my first catwalk, I was a bit nervous on the first day, but every time I had to walk on the catwalk, I felt more and more confident! This is the kind of experience that you will never forget!


Photographer: Paul Hastie Designer: Didi’s Boutique Hair: Gerrard Reilly
Photographer: Leemo Rante Designer: Claire Baxter Hair: Gerrard Reilly

How do you keep in shape?

I am a very busy person, and I am trying to eat healthy as much as I can, and go to the gym at least once a week. Beside this, I am not doing anything special, I don’t have any gold rule!

If you weren’t a mode, what would you be doing?

Actually, I am currently studying Business Management at Manchester Metropolitan University. I am in my second year right now, and preparing for my exams. I always wanted to work in a business sector and enjoyed it. I just received a placement as an undergraduate marketing assistant at BeautyBay and will be working there for 12 months from May! I am very excited as this is an incredible opportunity to expand my skills as a businesswomen. I will be still working as a model on weekends though!

Who is your fashion inspiration and why?

I have many fashion inspirations, but I do love Coco Chanel. She was one of the most influential designers. She had her own vision of a fashion, and she was very convincing person by presenting her classic look. I wish that I could have such influence on people and fashion industry.

Your most expensive purchase?

Tough question! I have to admit, I am a shopaholic. I love fashion, new trends and amazing designers. If I could I would buy everything that I like! The most expensive purchase was Louis Vuitton bag. I have had this bag for three years now and still love it! I think that it is better to buy that one special, classic, (expensive) item you dream about and just enjoy it!


10250904_1398889807054818_1872106666_n copy

Photographer: Christian Knightleigh, Make-up: Megan Rose Perkins & Keeley Platt, Hair: Georgina Buckley


What is your favourite bar or restaurant in Manchester?

I have loads of favourite places in Manchester, but I love Pesto. I actually like italian restaurants and food the most. That is one of my goals this year, to visit Italy and try some amazing food!

Favourite film?

That could be a really long list! I love scary films.The classic horror I love is Amityville as it is based on a true story. I love films, which are inspired by true events, so that I can imagine that it really happened!

Favourite drink?

My favourite drink is Cosmopolitan!

What is the one beauty products you couldn’t live without?

Mascara! I believe that eyes are the most beautiful part of your body!

What is your biggest achievement or regret?

I think that my biggest achievement is my determination. I am determined to achieve my goals and to enjoy my life. I am successfully working as a model and absolutely loving it. Also, I am studying business and will be working as a marketing assistant soon. I am accomplishing everything that I am aiming for and I am very proud of myself. I have achieved Business Student of The Year 2012 at the Trafford College, where I gained confidence and believed in myself. I am grateful to all those amazing people that I have met throughout those 7 years in the UK, who showed me that it is worth to fight for your dreams and that everything is achievable!

What is next for you?

I don’t think that I can answer this question correctly! You never know what is next for you and what amazing opportunities are waiting just around the corner. I have had no idea that I will be participating in Manchester Fashion Week 2014 and could not imagine myself walking on the catwalk! But I did it and I feel that if you are really determined and confident you can achieve loads!


Photo & Retouch: Eliza Kurowska, Stylist: Agnieszka Zielonka, MUA: Kasia, Hairdresser: Magdalena Kolesniak


Thank you so much Maya for doing this interview with us! We love your positivity and determination! Good luck in your career and we hope to see you on the catwalks again soon!


By Emily Parker

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