Miffy Denim Activity Cube Toy Review

June 11, 2017
Miffy Denim Activity Cube Toy Review

Our Mum tester has been busy reviewing some more toys for your benefit, with this weeks feedback being on the Miffy Soft Cube Play Cube.

This denim and fabric cube is a fun and squishy toy, recommended from birth upwards. Each side of the cube features a baby friendly design, with some sides adding extra features to stimulate baby’s mind. Some sides feature the renowned Miffy bunny, with one featuring a circular mirror.

First Impressions

The first noticeable thing about this item is the lightness, it’s easy to see how this can suit baby to be easily picked up and thrown for simplistic play.

The colours are unisex and can adapt to suit both genders or be passed down through siblings if you want to get your money’s worth. The character also adds a signature charm to this design, with accompanying branded products matching the same colour scheme and patterns.

This toy retails around £18.99, making it mid-way into the usual pricing for toys in this market. The branding certainly raises the price as the character is one which children throughout generations have become accustomed to.

miffy soft denim cube mirror toy baby

Tried and Tested

Here’s what our Tester mum and baby made of the Miffy Soft Denim Cube:

“Great soft toy cube, nice and lightweight, has lots of interesting unisex colours and patterns. My 7 month old likes the mirror detail and the bell inside the cube. This is quite large for him at the moment but he can hold and play with it and as it is soft I am happy that it won’t cause any bumps and will endure being thrown around. This is great when I am trying to encourage him to crawl as I put this just out of reach, and he likes to squeeze it and lie on top of the cube and roll around with it.”

Verdict: 5/5

The Miffy collection can be shopped within the UK site.

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