Miffy Baby Rattle Review

May 7, 2017
Miffy Rattle Review

The rattle dates back decades as a quintessential baby toy throughout history yet still remains a firm favourite of mums across the country. STYLE etc put this classic Miffy Rattle to the test to see if it was a hit with our tester baby.

First Impressions

The first notable quality of this product once unboxed is the lightness. The weight makes it more suitable to younger babies and alleviates any negative results of it being thrown or dropped.

The design is the most appealing aspect of this product, taking on the adorable aesthetic of the beloved Miffy bunny, which many babies have come to recognise and love. Created in primary blue and red shades keeps this unisex, making it easy to pass down if you have more children. Certainly cute, this stands the test of time bringing in traditional design which is still relevant today.

The texture is soft and very baby friendly, but our tester founder this was not always the most stimulating for capturing baby’s attention. The best advice on opting for this product would be to get it whilst your baby is very young to maximise the longevity of use.

This product also ties in well to the Miffy range if parent or baby is a fan of the charming character, allowing you to build up a matching set of toys and accessories.

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Tried and Tested

Here’s what our tester said of the Miffy Baby Rattle:

“Very cute bunny rattle. Easy for my 7 month old to hold. This would be suitable for babies younger than 6 months as its light and soft for them to hold. This could be made more interesting for older babies by having more interesting textures/crinkling sounding material. This is a cute, unisex rattle and would be a lovely gift for a new born baby.”

Verdict: 4/5

The Miffy Baby Rattle can be found at the official Miffy site for more information.

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