MEMI Make Up Reviewed

January 6, 2018
memi make up review vegan

Self-dubbed ‘luxury appeal at affordable prices’ make-up brand MEMI brings an inclusive selection of beauty products to the table which we just had to check out for ourselves.

Uniformed in silver mirror casing, each piece is identifiable as part of the MEMI brand, keeping packing simplistic with clear, minimalist fonts used for clarity and design.

Products are split into their target facial areas, including; face, lips, cheeks and eyes, with a further category deigned for supporting tools to help customers easily navigate their way to shop for their chosen focus area. A bonus to these products are their cruelty free and vegan creation, ideal for those taking part in veganuary or simply opposed to the practises of some bigger beauty labels. MEMI’s site states some products are vegan but not all.

memi millenial eyeshadow palette

Named with an obvious target market in mind, the Millenial palette offers a pleasantly surprising range of hues to mix and match. A nice smattering of nudes and dark tones across the colour wheel give additional variety in options, well received as a person used to testing a conveyor belt of samey-hued palettes which are great for one look but less versatile.

Composition is of a good medium, not too thin or thick. The powder leaves a decent amount on the lid upon application, with a little fall down but nothing too devastating to clean up.

Each shade is aptly named to know it’s core audiences interests, ranging from the bold ‘Boss Bitch’ and “All Ass”(bold in name not in colour) to the more universally friendly “90’s Baby”. The autumnal purple and red hues are reminiscent of the enduringly popular Naked Heat Palette which has had the internet in a fuss for months, with this offering being a more purse-happy £22.00 compared to Heat’s price £35.00 tag.

memi satin luxe lipstick you wish

The Lipstick choices continue the provocative name trend, with colours dubbed “Quickie”, “Climax” and “Foreplay”. No nonsense in the suggestion, it’s clear what scenario MEMI are providing for with their collection.

Trialing ‘You Wish’, we found the texture to have a slight glisten, not a flat matte as some are, giving a little extra definition. The colour was a nice nude shade, not the boldest when applied but a fair day option to throw on with no effort required.

One of the standout features of this lipstick was the innovative spring closure, which pushes the lipstick up into its case in one swift click, with the method reversed to open easily. This allows the cosmetic to be more compact and easy to click in and out for quick application. Certainly a favoured feature of ours and a welcome change to more traditional twist and close offerings on the market.

Boldly proclaiming itself an ‘expert’, this liner gave itself plenty to live up to and we weren’t left disappointed. The tip was slim-ended to thinly apply eyeliner and help achieve a perfect cat flick each time, well sculpted to not overdo lines and give the option to build them as thick or thin as chosen.

The packaging followed the usual drill of mirrored exterior, with a simple pop-on lid to keep the formula fresh. For £10.00 it veers a tiny bit higher than some standard drugstore options but for the results we would say it’s not overpriced and worth spending the extra few quid.

memi black expert liner eyeliner
memi radiance highlighter

Warm-toned and compact, the Radiance Highlighter comes in a good size with thickly set powder. Offering more of a shine than a glisten, the highlighter is more monotonal than varied, which works when going for a classic summer glow appearance.

A decent amount is provided for the price, again this is comparable against many drugstore offerings but the packaging and presentation of this item makes it satisfactory when justifying the spend.

MEMI is available online.

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