Manchester traits we’ve learned to love

September 11, 2018
Ancoats dubbed 'Hippest Place in the UK'

It’s no secret we love our city of Manchester, hence our dedication to bringing you the best Manchester lifestyle, fashion and news each day, but there are a few quirks we’ve had to learn to love about our home city and we’re sure most will agree.

The Rubbish Weather

When it rains it definitely pours in the north west, no one visiting is here for the sunshine that’s for sure. We’re lucky 2018 has blessed us with sunnier skies than usual, we just won’t take for granted that it’ll soon be back to it’s grey landscapes with drizzle everyday.

Despite this, it doesn’t put us off living here. The cities thriving industries, social scene and welcoming vibe of togetherness trumps a bit of rain any day.

The Unreliable Transport

We’ve all spent 40 minutes waiting for a bus that never turns up, or arrived on time to find said bus has been and gone early. It’s just the frustrations of northern transport. Manchester is like many cities in it’s disappointing transport, but for a city often compared to London it is, unfortunately, nowhere near as efficient as our country’s capital.

Whilst there is welcome room for improvement, we’ve accepted that travel is an area that will continue to have low expectations and we wouldn’t trade it for the friendly and funny characters you can encounter on bus or tram.

The Football rivalry

It’s attitudes ingrained into British culture, which sometimes can breed negativity and violence, but football rivalry is particularly rife within the North West.

Whilst we still enjoy the sport, sometimes the rivalry can become bigger than the teams. We still love the passion shown whether you’re blue or red.

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