Manchester: A city of Love and Pride

May 23, 2017
Ancoats dubbed 'Hippest Place in the UK'

Today we awoke to the news that our great city had been attacked by cowardice and terrorism as the Manchester Arena was targeted by bomb after the Ariana Grande concert.

As shock and fear sweeps Manchester we want to look at the brave, applaud those who have helped and shed a light on those who deserve recognition.

The actions of our emergency services, our citizens and our establishments have been overwhelming in the wake of what has happened. Minutes after the attack hotels opened their doors to victims and those stranded. Taxi Drivers and ordinary folk offered lifts to drive people stuck home or to their hotels.

There are mentions of free food being provided and as we have seen on the news, blood banks facing overwhelming queues out the door of donors desperate to help those in need.

This is what makes us strong, what makes our city great. In the worst possible circumstances Manchester has come together, we support one another and are unified against cowardly attacks regardless of race, age or gender.

The love felt within Manchester is distinct in the light of these events. All across social media and across our streets, everyone is trying to find ways to do their bit and assist where they can.

Hospitals across the city are inundated with staff rushing in to help who aren’t even on shift. Let this be the reflection of Manchester, let this be what we see our city as, strong not weak. Resilient and resourceful.

The spotlight is on Manchester City Centre today, with many stories flying around, some true and some false. With this in mind, we advise to await the facts. What has happened is awful enough without sensationalism distorting true facts. Have respect for the families involved and do not share gory or unfiltered images from the aftermath of the bomb.

We love Manchester, it is our home, it is who we are. Northerners are proud of our services, our police and NHS who have responded efficiently and quickly. We are proud of our own residents who have gone above and beyond to care for those affected. An attempt to divide us has shown how together we really are and for this we should all be proud.

No words can express the sympathy for the families and victims of this senseless attack. We will be using our platform to share ways people can help if any further services are required from the public.

Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has announced there will be a vigil in Albert Square at 6pm tonight.

As relatives are still frantically searching for news of loved ones we urge anyone with information to get in touch with the emergency number, likewise if you are still waiting on news from your friends or family 0161 856 9400.

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