March 17, 2012
Jo Malone

Spring has sprung, and so has the new limited edition fragrance trio by Jo Malone. London Blooms Collection released this month just in time for Mothers Day. Drawing inspiration from The Chelsea Flower show, classic British gardening and beautiful English lawns, the collection showcases self-expression and spirit of the modern garden.

Peony & Moss
A contrast of the dainty and the dirty. Delicate peony, clad in the moist earthiness of moss. Laced with cordial-intense cassis. Encircled with ivy. A fragrance of gossamer lightness, grounded in rich verdancy.

Iris & Lady Moore
A fascinating mingling of spicy-fresh, common-or-garden geranium and noble iris, powdery and poised. Two characterful purple florals, rustling above an elegant dry-grass bed of vetiver.

White Lilac & Rhubarb
A celebration of seductive contrasts beloved by modern gardeners. Tart-vibrant rhubarb cuts through delicate florals. The softness of lilac. The femininity of rose. And the almond scent of sun-loving heliotrope.

The combination of notes within the three fragrances are purposefully juxtaposed, resulting in a playful take on the classic fragrances. These floral compositions are created with the aim to provoke feelings of happiness, romance and good mood. Who could resist?
The packaging is quite a departure from the simple Jo Malone norm.
Illustrator and gardener, Heather Maunders was commissioned to decorate the bottles with a gorgeous flourish. The illustrations are visible right the way through the bottle as there is no back label and each one is ardently finished with a delicate aubergine bow.

Jo Malone

Jo Malone

The alluring drawings are that of a botanical garden in springtime. Making London Blooms the perfect dressing table accessory.

RRP £72 / €84 for each 100ml cologne
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Words by Charlotte Murray

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