Liverpool Fashion Week Highlight: Masato

October 23, 2012

“Excellence is greater than an achievement; excellence is standard in all my designs” -Masato Jones

Tokoyo-born hairdresser come fashion designer Masato Jones chose to showcase his new Spring/Summer 2013 collection at Liverpool Fashion Week last Friday. Some of you may have already heard of Masato as he has been touring the UK over the past year showcasing his bespoke designs at many of the regional fashion weeks including Manchester Fashion Week – this is where I first heard of him. The brand has grown from strength to strength and has a huge following on Twitter of over 77,000 loyal fans!

The highly anticipated Friday night finale was a cut-above the rest from the on start. Masato produced its own visual and audio effects to set the scene. A montage of images of Liverpool’s historic and cultural past was displayed on the screens whilst the Beetles most famous songs played out,  it was a definite winner with all the Liverpudlians and even myself: a proud Mancunian.

With a good start to the show the models began to strut their stuff down the catwalk in an array metallic sheen fabrics, origami inspired structured dresses, Japanese print silk pyjamas,  ladylike 40’s tea-dresses, a-line striped skirts and city-safari style shorts with loose structured tops in soft greys with an air of luxury.

The main colours of the collection were metallic rusty-golds, deep rich plums, splashes of metallic green in a lighter shade, bursts of poppy red, the softest greys and light sky blue.

My favourite picks from the collection include the eye-catching geometric print pyjama suit in rusty-gold and the ladylike poppy print structured origami inspired dress. If I could choose two pieces these would be my pick as they are can easily be worn as part of your everyday wardrobe.

Masato has been often been heard of the “one to watch” and now I understand why as his collection is truly unique and looking back at his previous collections I can only describe this designer as an upcoming luxury brand  that produces a high standard of bespoke ready-to-wear fashion for women. As Masato quotes himself … “excellence is standard in all my designs”. If you are after high-end, luxurious pieces  that you can wear more than once then this couture clothing brand is definitely one to check out!

Written by Sameena Bruce


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