Lion Heart Omega Fish Oil Overview

March 12, 2017
bare biology lion heart mini caps capsules

One thing in life which is easy to neglect is taking your supplements. It’s often the case the things we cannot see are the first forgotten in the health check list agenda, which is why Omega Fish Oil Capsules like Lion Heart were worth giving a try for review.

Created by Bare Biology, which was founded in 2o13 by Melanie Lawson, Lion Heart promises an extra high concentration of EPA, DHA with 1,460mg of Omega 3 per does of 4 mini capsules.

The capsules contain Fish gelatin and note to contribute to cardiovascular, brain and visual health as a byproduct of consumption regularly.

Eco-friendly prospects will be glad to hear the product is sustainable in its sourcing and responsibly fished. The capsules themselves are made of wild Sardine, Anchovy and Mackerel.

mini caps bare biology lion heart

The Bare Biology company itself  offers a range of Omega 3 supplements from within the U.K. Bare Biology is the first UK brand certified by the International Fish Oil Standards programme and a 5-star purity and quality rating; a guarantee the products are free from heavy metals, mercury, PCBs and other nasties.

According to Bare Biology, Omega 3 is necessary for our overall physical and mental wellbeing; and lack of Omega 3 means we are missing out on its benefits, which include:

Bare Biology offers four unique products including Lion Heart Capsules, Lion Heart Oil, Bump & Glory and Super Hero. Bare Biology’s key stockists include Liberty, Whole Foods and Space NK. For more information, head to Bare Biology.

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