Launch of Crave Personal Styling

Launch of Crave Personal Styling

Craving a Style Revamp,

Crave Personal Styling are here to help!



On Thursday 24th September STYLEetc were invited to the launch of brand new personal styling brand Crave at Neighbourhood Spinnigfields.

Founded by former London College of Style graduate Emma Carr, Crave Personal Styling is all about giving every woman from the working mum to the busy female executive the chance to feel fab and confident in whatever they are wearing.


The evening was a fabulous event with champagne and gorgeous canapés from sushi to mini hamburgers, there was something for everyone. From speaking to Emma and feeling the passion she has for making women feel great, Crave Personal Styling is set to be Manchester’s new go to service with the in-depth industry knowledge and fabulous personality Emma can make anybody feel at ease. 


Just couldn’t resist including a photo of these fab little hangers which were placed on every champagne glass, by Emma’s friend Frill!

Crave Personal Styling is all about bringing out an individual’s personality and embracing every aspect of a person’s body no matter what shape or size, Crave Personal Styling can create the air of confidence you have always craved.


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By Amy Burn