JD Sports gives away tickets to Joshua v Parker

March 7, 2018
JD Sports gives away tickets to Joshua v Parker

Global sports fashion retailers JD Sports are giving away two tickets to the upcoming Anthony Joshua fight against Joseph Parker and with it drumming up some interesting debates of ‘Who’d win in a fight?’

The Anthony Joshua competition launched by JD asks users to play a game and choose who they think would fair best against AJ, offering feasible options including upcoming competitors Parker, Deontay Wilder and sought after rival Tyson Fury to wild cards including The Mountain from Game of Thrones, a bear and The Undertaker (our moneys on the bear in all honesty).

The fight takes place on 31st March at the principality stadium in Cardiff, which if he wins, Joshua will go on in his ‘road to undisputed‘ to win 5 heavyweight titles. With the potential to be a history-making fight we can see why these tickets are in high demand.

Anthony Joshua has yet to put a foot wrong in his professional career, going from KO to KO, achieving 20 wins and all knockouts, not a result to be underestimated. JD Sports became one of many sponsorships AJ has signed since raising his celebrity profile over the past few years. For many, he is the method in which they have discovered a love for boxing, bringing a mainstream audience toward the sport in a way which hasn’t been seen for a long time in the UK.

With the stakes high and the pre-fight hype already all over the news, we know we’ll be watching with anticipation to see how this month’s fight turns out.

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