Jackfruit: The new Vegan alternative to meat for 2017

March 11, 2017

No matter what time of year it is, food will always be trending. Each year there is always a new superfood, an introduction to the new supplement you just have to have and now is no exception.

We’ve seen the rise of Kale, avocados and spinach, always something which will rise in popularity due to its health benefits.

On the agenda for this year is a vegan inspired diet, swapping out meat for alternative ingredients, leading to this years superfood: Jackfruit.

Never heard of Jackfruit? If not, where have you been? Jackfruit has recently been seen almost everywhere on social media as the perfect plant based alternative to pulled pork. At an average of only 95kcal per 100g, containing 22% vitamin C and 15% vitamin B (hello boosted metabolism), it is going to be everywhere in the run up to Summer.

jackfruit new food trend vegan 2017 vegetarian

Jackfruit is the largest fruit in the world, weight up to 35kg and usually sourced from South East Asia, making it highly sustainable. As well as its ability to create a very convincing pulled pork replacement, the fruit can be ground into a flour, giving the potential to replace wheat, corn and many other crops that are under threat due to climate change. So, not only will you be giving your body a great health kick, there is potential to reduce waste.

Though Jackfruit boasts many reasons to be so popular this year, one possible downside would be the overpowering onion scent, an acquired smell to get used to but worth the trade off for the healthy rewards.

For a differientiation of the fruit, Jackfruit’s younger sibling, Green Jackfruit can be purchased in tins at many Asian supermarkets for those wanting to browse the full range.

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By Lacey Houghton

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