Is the Traditional Dinner Party the best place to find Love?

February 14, 2017
Is the Traditional Dinner Party the best place to find Love?

Ask your friends and co-workers how they met their other half these days and it can be difficult to predict what response you may get. As Apps and Dating are bringing in enormous amounts of revenue to the British economy it’s clear dating is big business, so naturally some of that must be working right?

Not vastly according to a recent study by dining set sellers Denby Potter, although the nature of their business may seem biased to proclaim, results have fairly shown that 51% of British people state their top go-to place to find love is at a good old fashioned dinner party.

Producing good results, 60% of those surveyed (sample of 2,000) revealed they had found ‘the One’ at a dinner party, proving very good reason indeed to take up your friends next home invite if you are single.

The majority of those questioned agreed that meeting a potential date at a dinner party gave plenty more opportunity to get to know one another, it is possible that the inclusion of friends already known additionally eases the first date scenario as you can always small talk with mates if you’re date becomes mute. Another potential plus to meeting in a group environment is no pressure to fill conversation voids or overshare too much about yourself. There is something to be said about meeting a person amongst their friends, it gives potential to understand their humour and explore a more natural and genuine state of mind.

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Dating itself can be anxiety inducing with the weight of expectation to dazzle your suitor in a limited time frame, so many decisions must be considered in advance; What to wear? Where to meet? Whether to drink? A dinner party naturally takes away this choice as your host dictates the evening agenda.

Quite surprisingly, this particular study showed 87% of interviewees regularly host dinners with friends, a plausible tie-in of money saving entertainment in a Brexit looming Britain? Although the usual guest list may involve settled couples than a mix of singles, no one wants a likeness to a Bridget Jones movie with fellow diners demanding an answer to the question all singles hate; “so why are you not in a relationship?”. Dining with intention to flirt amongst the wrong set of friends is most certainly a minefield which is to be avoided at all costs.

The verdict is up to the individual, if you deem your friends good judges of character and you fancy handing the reigns to them then go for it, but if you prefer to relieve interference then stick to your regulated method, be it Tinder or fate waiting and remember, who’s to say you need a relationship to define you, stick to solo if you work better that way.

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