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November 7, 2018
new fashion rules victoria macgrath

Renowned British fashion blogger of inthefrow Victoria Magrath is known for her chic style. With a combined following of 1.81 million followers on social media and previous campaigns with Hugo Boss, L’Oreal and Ted Baker under her belt, we could think of no better influencer to educate us on the New Fashion Rules. We interviewed Victoria as her new book launches to get more details on the latest venture. 

There is a lot of excitement about your latest project, what will the new book tell us about the fashion industry?

I really cannot wait for everyone to see it. The New Fashion Rules is a collection of stories that tell of moments when the fashion industry has been changed due to the innovations of the Internet. I’ve collected together all of the coolest moments where fashion and technology have collided and created something unique and never seen before, for the purpose of offering my own ideas, tips and advice as to what we can all do to keep up with this new fashion arena. So the reader will not only find out about when and why certain events have happened recently but how they can use these new ideas and innovations for their own fashion journey.

Who did you have in mind that you were writing for when you first came up with the idea for the book?

I’ve always wanted to create a book that absolutely anybody can read. Whether they’re a fashion student from the age of 16, through to college or University and just want to find out more about how the industry has adapted. Or a lady in her 40’s who is intrigued by the fashion landscape and would love to find out about why certain things have happened over the last 20 years. Or anyone of any age, who loves fashion and potentially wants to start a blog, or learn new tips for their own fashionable feeds. There is something for everyone in this book.

After reading just a snippet, what is most impressive is the length of research and references which show your extensive knowledge of the industry, how long has this book been in the works?

Thankyou so much, this is so kind and I’m thrilled you feel this way. The book took me three months to write from start to finish, as in honesty I was so excited by this topic that I could write and write for hours so I actually wrote the full book really quickly. But from the initial thought process to now, it’s around 2 years of work.

Part of the book focuses on the shift to mobile first shopping and the speed at which we can now consume fashion, do you see this trend increasing further with emphasis on immediate shopping?

In honesty I really do. The more people are shopping on the mobile, the more likely they are to do it again – and with most sites now having more sales via mobile than desktop, it’s just not going to slow down any time soon. In fact I feel we may get to a point where the majority of people will no longer even own a desktop computer at home, because they are more than happy to complete all tasks on tablets and phones. And so mobile shopping may actually become the norm for everyone.

victoria macgrath

You discuss the changes influencers have had on the fashion industry up to now, where do you see this heading in the future?

The content creator movement has had an enormous impact and again, I think will only continue to grow and adapt with the change in the fashion industry itself. Creators are now the faces of huge brand campaigns and sitting front row at the shows of the biggest luxury brands in the world, due to their impact and engagement with their audience. I honestly believe this will only continue and we will see more and more brands following suit until content creators may become the new celebrity faces. We are already seeing that happen now.

We were glad to see the topic of diversity also being covered, as the industry is shifting to embrace a more inclusive attitude. What are your thoughts on how things will shift in future?

 Absolutely, and it was a topic I adored writing about. I think the changes happening so far are somewhat slow, but they’re making an impact. We are seeing more people of varying backgrounds, ethnicities and sizes being included more so within the industry and there are certain figures leading this change – and it’s truly incredible to see. The more people that stand up for this, the more people that will join, until I honestly believe we will reach a place where everyone is included without question or query.

You always seem so busy, how do you juggle your multiple projects along with a personal life?

I find it a real organisation struggle in honesty and thank goodness for the people that work with me, as otherwise I wouldn’t be able to keep up. But personal life is quite minimal in honesty, but luckily is helped by the fact that my Fiancée is my photographer, so we luckily spend every day together. Otherwise, I don’t think we could make it work. And thankfully my friends are very understanding; and extremely proud.

You are a strong role model for young females in particular, who do you look up to as a businesswoman?

 Thankyou so much. My role models would be strong and inspirational ladies such as Natalie Massenet and Victoria Beckham. Ladies who have looked after their home life whilst building enormous empires, all whilst looking wonderfully fashionable.

What is one fashion rule you follow daily?

I think that I most probably follow the rule that, whatever mood you’re in and however you dress that day, your outfit can always be made fashionable with a killer pair of heels.

How would you describe your own personal style?

I’m extremely eclectic with my style. Some days I’m casual in a white tee and jeans with a pair of black boots – others I’m in a full tailored suit with stilettos. Other days I’ll be super glamorous in a dress and then there are days where I like to be a touch more experimental. I match my style to my mood and how I’m feeling, but I am never afraid to try something new. I feel that a belt, heels and a good jacket can fix most outfits.

How have your own fashion influences changed through the years?

I have had many styles over the years, influenced by the people I follow I suppose and again by my mood at the time. I think when Pinterest came out, I was very influenced by what I saw there. The same with Lookbook when that was first on the scene and I would try to mix up my style according to how others were inspiring me. I have also been influenced by surfers and girls in rock bands back when I was in high school and then became a big fan of the colourful hair trend around 5 years ago. And now, I feel I have finally found my style – and I guess its probably a culmination of all of the ways I’ve dressed before.

Who is one designer you are loving at the moment and why?

From the last month of fashion week, I have been to a number of shows that have blown me away. I have always been a huge fan of Self Portrait and Zimmermann, and that certainly did not change this season – I cannot wait for their new lines to drop. The same with Victoria Beckham’s latest collection. But I adore what Natasha Ramsey-Levi is creating right now at Chloe and truly in love with everything at 3.1 Phillip Lim.

What is your favourite trend of the current season?

For the current season, I’m loving the brown and orange tones in clothing. I’m really big into this right now, mixing my bright blonde hair with such autumnal tones. But I must admit, as someone who has never liked branded logos, I’m actually really enjoying slogans all over everything.

Our readership is based within Manchester and the North West, how do you view Mancunian style and the impact it has had?

Growing up throughout my late teens to mid-twenties in Manchester, I think it had a huge impact on my style. I could be adventurous and experimental and take so much inspiration from the people I saw around the city. As a huge music lover myself, Manchester was the perfect place to spend so much of my time growing up, so I know this mixture of fashion and music has had a major impact on me personally. I spent years living in band t-shirts. But I feel the people in Manchester are so down to earth, that they’re happy to encourage personal style and will allow you to be the person you want to be.

Victoria’s book The New Fashion Rules is available now here.

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