Illamasqua Make Up Review

June 4, 2018
illamasqua make up review

Hailed amongst beauty gurus, Illamasqua has built good rep for itself in it’s 10 year history. Self-proclaimed to be cruelty free and against prejudice, the brand spreads positive message in today’s diversified beauty mantra, making them ideal for STYLEetc‘s latest beauty review.

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Skin Base Foundation

Tried in shade SB03, the foundation was highly anticipated in our review after hearing previous positive feedback. Skin Base has the benefit of being both lightweight, but offering good coverage of bad skin.

The blending appears seamless, with little to no tell of lines and wear throughout the day. On top powders complement the composition of the liquid beautifully to give an effortless result. Wear seems to last at least a good few hours through a busy, sometimes wearing day, at the least competitive with other foundation brands last such as MAC.

Shades seem to offer a good range of hues for fair to mid skin tones but more could be offered to diversify shades. Most seem to be either a warm or rosy undertone to mix whichever your skins natural tone has within. This works nicely and attributes an unrefined result. It’s easy to look more effortless and less heavy make-up for sure. Price-wise the cost is competitive and worth the money as you get good last from each tube.

Hydra Veil Priming Gel

The first thing that hits you with this gel is the refreshing scent. A cucumber-esque fragrance gives instant fresh feels, which is complemented by the cool and thick texture of the primer. A tiny plastic spoon comes with to help you easily dish out the liquid formula to apply in portions, a nice touch to ensure you don’t waste a drop.

The plant extracts are noticeable in this gel, giving an authentic and natural result. Upon application skin feels instantly replenished and has a hint of firmness, welcome as a base for a heavy day of make-up.

Loose Powder

Designed to reduce shimmer and offer matte base to your foundation, the loose powder comes with cute yet practical powder patter. Pure white in colour, the powder can be messy if not applied carefully. Overdoing it on application can call for plenty of fall down and a paling in natural hue for mid-skintones, so use sparingly and sensibly. When done correctly this powder cannot be faulted, delicate and dreamy for those with oily skin, the resulting effect can help reduce pores and give a flawless finish so many of us desire. We found it blended beautifully when used in the right quantities, ideal for incorperating with day to night looks.

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Masquara Raven

Short but sweet, this compact little mascara can bring big lashes. With an extreme, thick brush which gathers plenty of liquid, application boosts and pushes lashes to accentuate and frame.

Clumps seem to be minimal after a few tries, with the liquid gliding through easily. It must be said the textures doesn’t seem to go on too thick, avoiding giving off a ‘stuck together’ lash look.

The ‘Raven’ shade gives pure black mascara formula to darken and bold, definitely ones for the dramatic over the pared favourers.


Skin Base Concealer Pen

It took a couple of clicks to get the liquid flowing at first, prompting worry the mechanism wasn’t working, but after a little time the concealer began to flow.

An interesting little design which offers an alternate way to apply concealer, this Skin Base option works nicely with the same name foundation. Click to unleash the liquid and you’ll find it moves smoothly across the skin in small supply. Distribution can be controlled with ease due to the pace of the pen, simple enough to pause with a quick click.

Coverage comes across well, we recommend using a sponge to dab and blend once you have dotted in your needed areas. Colour also blends nicely with a foundation base, not standing out once added at the end of your make-up routine.

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