Hugo Boss: The Scent

October 15, 2015

Everyone knows the brand Hugo Boss; From their iconic men’s suits, sharp tailoring and flawless designs, it’d only be right for them to up their game in the fragrance stakes too. With numerous fragrances already showcased to the world it was that time for them to fire out another and I therefore give to you Hugo Boss: The scent.

Fragrances are a hot commodity for any brand whether it be designer or a reality star. It’s that product that allows them to connect with the customer time after time and fragrance after fragrance. And with all scents the brand has to hold a distinctive smell that when you waft past that perfume counter you’d recognise it in an absolute heartbeat. This being said, when a brand creates a new scent they must keep that specific smell but also bash out a new and vibrant allure. So, when that invite for my chance to witness the new new Hugo Boss scent came about I was just a little bit giddy. So what if the scent wasn’t for women?

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Arriving at Gotham around 6:30pm and heading on up to the top floor, the lift doors flung open and we clambered our way on up to the bar. After being ushered on in we nattered to the lovely ladies from Talk PR and sat down for a Hugo Boss signature cocktail. Noted as sweet, containing vodka and a hint of ginger it was so good you could of drank it forever, but unlucky for Emma I was driving, pft.  One mocktail down and a few canapés later, myself and Lauren (my writing buddy) decided to take in the panoramic views.

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For those of you who have never been to Hotel Gotham well, GO! Situated in the upper end of Manchester city centre with a sleek NYC vibe, it offers customers an oh so amazing atmosphere. And did I mention ridiculous cocktails? So, after nattering with other guests and taking in the beautiful surroundings we were brought into an ajoining room where two grand tables stood with further information on the scent and bottles for us each to smell.

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At any event there is always several people from deep within the business or brand. However, on this ocassion we had the pleasure of listening to one of the creative forces who actually had tried, tested and fully created the product. Listening to him note down every smell combined to the mixture with so much passion for the product that it actually made me envy his job. Who wouldn’t love to travel the world to smell things?  Having combined scents such as leather, lavander and more the team at P&G had truly captured the Boss man. With a soft smell (which by the way could easily be worn by a woman too), but with a kick of power too it truly defined the Boss man.

photo 4

After listening to the scents beginnings, watching the amazing advert( er, have you seen Theo James?)and mingling with the other guests it was time for more food. With delicious bowls of food flowing round, we munched on fish and chips, beef salad and plenty more.

photo 5

As the evening drew to a close it seriously made me think, as when we step into those department stores such as House of Fraser or Selfridges you never take a moment to think about who actually creates those scents? What we sometimes fail to realise is the work that actually goes on behind the scenes for this deliscious and softly smelling aftershave. As for all those hours and dedication that is put into the smell, I applaud you lot, as if it turns all men into Theo then what more could you want? Okay, so I suppose we can dream….

photo 6

Many thanks to Talk PR, Hugo Boss, P&G and Hotel Gotham for a truly enjoyable night, and one that I won’t forget for a while.

Em x

Emma Louise Ryan

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