Health and Fitness Review: Psycle London

August 5, 2015

Psycle – Located at the crisp new Crossrail Place in Canary Wharf isn’t your regular spinning studio – I soon discovered that after a high intensity and super sweaty 45 minutes struggle (maybe I wasn’t as fit as I thought I was!)


What looked like a swanky night club when I first entered was indeed a five star fitness facility with an all smile service and serious fitness professionals clearly dedicated to making my work out fun. As it was my first time I was given a full tour by the amazing Ashley. She knew it all – she showed me the two studios, smoothie bar, where to collect shoes, towels and the entrance to rather impressive changing rooms.


Once in the changing rooms extra mile service is provided with fresh fluffy white towels, just cleaned cycling shoes and furthermore fabulously stocked with ‘ila’s’ luxurious, organic bath and body products. Just what you need to leave looking fresh for the day ahead. I have to say I was really impressed with the keyless electronic lockers, knowing my stuff was safely locked away and I didn’t have to bring a padlock or scramble around my pockets for a loose pound coin (you know the lockers I am talking about!).


To my surprise cycling shoes are provided in the price – which is great! It really improves your workout and helps you feel that extra burn. Remember, that is the true aim of the game – you aren’t going to get toned, shaped and sculpt your perfect body by pampering yourself in the spa like facilities.


After a quick change and shoe fitting it was time to see what Psycle was all about and if  I was going to be as physically challenging as I hoped – be careful what you wish for!

Laura was my instructor for the first session session. A fitness fanatic and truly great fun she really kept the class engaged, with the perfect amount of motivational cheering and carefully selected  re-mixed club/rock tracks. Apart from the phenomenal sound and light system Psycle really is different from your somewhat dull spin classes at a regular gym. A mixture of abdominal exercises and hand weights (all done on the bike I may add) make it a truly challenging, high calorie burning overall body workout.

My second session was with A.D another lover of health, he again was energetic and completely captivated the class. A mixture of house and great remixes allowed to zone out throughout the ride and push through pain… Not to worry though – the 45 minute session goes by quickly and although exhausted you’ll be eager to do it all again at a later date…


Once returning to the plush changing rooms stocked with hairdryers, GHD Hair Straighteners and everything else one could need I made my way to the delicious smoothie bar. I treated myself to one at the end of my workout to help recover – it was much needed and super healthy!

The final verdict although I am aching as I type is that I will most definitely be returning in the near future and 100% recommend it to anybody who needs that motivational kick to get in shape!

Psycle – Classes start from £20.00. (for more information visit

Psycle works on a credit approach, which means no membership, no contract and you save money the more classes you purchase. Located in Canary Wharf (but they have another studio in Central London too) it is the perfect remedy to help clear your mind and get a high intensity workout. The best thing is even if you’re just visiting the area and don’t want to be lazy in London you can buy one credit or a small bundle, which is perfect if you’re here for business or a short visit.


By Adam Wallace

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