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March 30, 2015

Say Hello (or Hola!) to the ground-breaking launch of BEAUTY & GO! It is the result of a joint venture between two renowned family-owned Spanish companies: NATURA BISSÉ, a trend-setter in the world of luxury cosmetics, and AMC INNOVA, the scientific division of AMC Group and a leader in the research and development of functional beverages and the principals of natural bioactives. 

The remarkable discovery is based on science and research, born of the realisation that the benefits of topical cosmetics experience an exponential increase in efficacy when beauty treatments are delivered from “within” the skin. In order to effectively fight aging and enjoy beautiful, healthy skin, it is vitally important that a diet include bioactives from natural sources. Aware of this, the two companies pooled their expertise and launched 4 specific beauty drinks for each type of need that skin has: Anti-Ageing, Vitality, Radiance and Detox. Thanks to its extraordinary benefits, this new and effective path to beautiful skin has become the best supplement to topical cosmetic treatments. 

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Beauty and Go is the first beauty drink enriched with MacroAntioxidants® from the skin of fruits. This makes it high in antioxidants, ultra beneficial bioactives and macromolecules that protect and regenerate, strengthening your skin’s beauty and health. And they taste great too! 

A new category of nutri-cosmetics that feeds and nourishes your skin by supplying the correct amount of MacroAntioxidants®, making the Bioactive Beauty Drinks the perfect compliment to your cosmetic beauty treatments and a must have for your daily skincare routine. 

A beauty ritual from within; simple, functional, easy, light and pleasant. The best choice for everyday life. 

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Each drink has no artificial colours or preservatives and is naturally sweetened with Stevia leaf, making it calorie reduced, so for every 100ml there is just 35kcal! It’s also suitable for coeliacs, diabetics and during pregnancy. According to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) they have proved the beneficial effects after more than 15 years of scientific work research into MacroAntioxidants® which suggests that the bioactive ingredients provide firmness, elasticity and luminosity to your skin from the inside out. 

Before receiving our drinks, we filled out a questionnaire to establish which drink would be best for us, based on our skincare issues. 

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Julie Montagu, the Nutritional Therapist who analysed our editors’s questionnaire recommended their ‘Radiance’ drink. The Pink drink is made up of Aloe vera for hydrating which in turn will help with brightening.  It also has Vitamin’s A and B7 which are all great for optimal condition of the skin. However, the drinks are best used alongside a healthy lifestyle so it was also suggested that I try to cut right back on the ‘white’ foods and introduce more green leafy veg like spinach and kale into my diet which would help reducing the redness and dryness of my skin.

We’ve been drinking one drink a day for the past two weeks, although you can enjoy up to three a day. In the first week, we noticed a small breakout of spots on our t-zone, one of the area’s that we indicated as a problem area for dryness. The drink tastes great with its mixture of red grape, green tea and rosehip, which has been in the press recently as the Duchess of Cambridge’s Kate Middleton’s go-to beauty product. 

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The other three drinks Anti-Ageing, Vitality, and Detox means that there is one for everyone. The Anti-Ageing drink focuses on improving the skin’s elasticity by firming and reducing wrinkles with its combination of selenium and collagen. Vitality aims to reverse the effects of fatigue to leave the skin looking invigorated through its combination of Pineapple, fibre, Co-enzyme Q10 and Vitamins C, B6, B12 and Provitamin A. Finally, the Detox drink purifies and cleanses the skin with it contents that you would you most expect to find in detoxes, including Cucumber, Broccoli, Dandelion, Spinach, Mint and Nettle. 

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The entire Beauty and Go, Feed Your Skin range is available in the Selfridges Trafford food hall. Don’t forget to tweet @STYLE_etc and @mybeautyandgouk and Instagram your drinks using the hashtag #mybeautyandgo 

By Emily Parker @emilylouparker

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