Half Century Jeans promise 50 Years of wear

April 14, 2018

We all have a favourite pair of fashion jeans that look good with everything and fit any occasion, but what happens when your beloved jeans rip, wear or get ruined. You have most likely run out of your guarantee so it’s back to the shops to buy a new pair.

Introducing half century jeans, the world’s first pair of jeans to come with a 50 year guarantee. Created by 26 year old designer, Deborah, who lives in London, the jeans are created using a special hybrid of materials. This includes Japanese selvedge denim, sourced from Okayama, and ultra – durable Spectra fibres, which has been measure to be 15x stronger than cable steel.

At the moment, there are few companies that hold a lifetime guarantee in the grand scheme of fast and changeable fashion, this is a credit held only by esteemed brands confident in their product, with Doc Martin and Blundstone Boots amongst the guarantors. Doing a little digging, on record the company that currently holds the title for the longest jeans guarantee is the more popular brand, Levis, with a guarantee of two years, making this new jean introduction a breath of fresh air to an otherwise fast fashion market.

The Half Century team are so confident with their product in fact, they proudly guarantee a free repair or replacement for the next 50 years should anything go wrong.

For Spring/ Summer 2018, jean trends include silhouette jeans, powdered colour tones and iconic indigos. But with half century jeans only appearing to have one shade and style of jeans on their website, can they keep up with the trends?

There are however many advantages to these jeans, they’re comfortable, durable and made from 100% organic cotton, making them free from pesticides, genetic modification and artificial fertilisers. So not only are the jeans good for you, they’re also good for the planet.


half century jeans feature

The use of the selvedge denim is very important for the company, making the jeans better in cost per wear, giving them a smarter look and making them more ethical.

Not only is it important for ‘Half century jeans’ to make sure there product looks good, they also want to make sure that there product is built to last, Deborah said, “As consumers, we need to buy less and buy better, and to stop subscribing to the “fast fashion” mentality that has become so prevalent and has made fashion the world’s second most polluting industry,” which is very amicable for the budding company, fashion forward and economy conscious.

You may be surprised to hear that the starting price for these jeans is a competitive £59. ‘Half century jeans’ can be ordered now through their Kickstarter page, ready to be delivered to you by April.

For more information you can visit their page:

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