Grey Goose Summer Martini Collection Launches at Harvey Nichols

August 1, 2015

When Style Etc were invited to enjoy cocktails within the most intimate bar in Manchester….

French vodka company Grey Goose, have created a pop-up bar like no other – inside a converted French Camionete bread van, with space for only two guests.  They say it is the ‘world’s most intimate martini cocktail bar’ we were lucky enough to have a sneak peak and sample the brand new martini collection.    


On Thursday night we were able to experience the most intimate bar in Manchester, we were first asked what flavours do we normally prefer, other types of alcohol do we drink and if we prefer sweeter flavours to drier flavours, this was to determine what the perfect martini would be for each of us.


Having said I prefer drier flavours and nothing too sweet, the cocktail created for me was a combination of orange peel this is where most of the flavour is, pear and a combination of herbs including thyme and a dash of rose water, it was absolute perfection.


However to enjoy the most intimate bar guests must book in advance for the complimentary sessions.     



Guests can also sample and enjoy the Grey Goose summer martini collection, which uses a combination of  delectable flavours from the iconic Grey Goose flavoured vodkas, which were light, refreshing and a perfect accompaniment to a warm summer’s evening. 

My personal favourite cocktail from the summer collection had to be the Le Jardin Vert, it was light, full of fruity flavours using Grey Goose La Poire vodka, apple juice and lime.   


We were also lucky enough to sample the Martini Flight, which definitely warmed us up as the sun went down over the city. 

To enjoy the al fresco style Martini flight or ‘the most intimate bar’ reservations are needed and can be booked by calling Harvey Nicholls 0161 828 8898 or e-mail

Wether you prefer your martini shaken or stirred the most intimate bar is definitely worth a visit whilst it is still here, the drinking experience is on until the 6th  August.

By Amy Burn



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