Genesis Crafty-Part 2

August 15, 2014

First came the cronut, then the duffin; now It’s all about the Sconewich…! 

Our second recipe from Genesis Crafty by lifestyle blogger Coralie Grassin of Teatime in Wonderland is a delicious Ice Cream Sconewich! 


* 500g fresh apricots, chopped

* 250g caster sugar 

* 1 tablespoon, dried lavender, extra to sprinkle (you will also need a muslin bag or tea infuser)

* 1 tub of vanilla ice cream

* Handful, edible petals (optional), you can find stunning varieties online from Sous Chef (

* 1 packet Genesis Crafty Sultana Scones


1. Warm the sugar for a couple minutes over a medium heat

2. Add your chopped apricots and lavender (in a muslin bag or tea strainer) to infuse, simmer softly for 30 minutes then discard your lavender and leave the jam to cool

3. Halve your scones and add a good scoop of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of apricot jam

4. Sprinkle with dried lavender and/or edible flowers!

Ice Cream Sconewich 2

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