#GardenGoodness comes to Manchester Whitworth Gallery with Jo Malone

July 2, 2016
#GardenGoodness comes to Manchester Whitworth Gallery with Jo Malone

It’s always refreshing to see when a brand uses their status to help others and makes effort to improve lives, which was why we had to attend the #GardenGoodness event for Jo Malone and see how they were working to offer solution in Manchester.

Not the brands first foray into therapeutic gardens, Jo Malone has long served a greater good with the creation of spaces set to recover, grow and reconnect with the local community. These gardens offer a haven for the public, a relaxing space to unwind and relieve stress.

#GardenGoodness comes to Manchester Whitworth Gallery with Jo Malone

Specifically created for the benefit of those suffering mental health issues, the project supports locals who may feel isolated and feel they have no other place to go. By coming together for team work in the garden, people have the chance to acquire new skills as well as partaking in a stress relieving and distracting activity.


This particular event hailed the opening of The Art Garden at Manchester’s recently re-opened Whitworth Art Gallery, situated on Oxford Road in the city centre. Upon arrival, guests were treated to afternoon tea, which offered a delightful selection of hot drinks, cakes and finger food. Freshly made juices were additionally on offer, our attending editor highly recommended the homemade lemonade in particular.

After introductions, speeches were made by all parties involved in the curation of the gardens, including words from Dr Maria Balshaw (Director of the Whitworth Art Gallery) and Sir Richard Leese (Manchester Council), signifying why they felt this project was so important to Manchester as a whole.

#GardenGoodness comes to Manchester Whitworth Gallery with Jo Malone

Surveying the garden itself, its clear effort has been made to create a tranquil space, juxtaposing its busy, city centre surroundings and allowing escapism for any who require it. The garden itself was created by renowned designer Sarah Price, who said of the project:

“This project is so special. The first time I visited the Whitworth, I was struck by the creative and warm, open atmosphere. The whole space has a dynamic energy; it really is a meeting point beneath the trees; a place to pause and linger”

To fund the project, Jo Malone will be selling a bespoke Charity Candle. This year’s enabling product will be the Peony & Moss Candle, of which 75% of retail price proceeds will directly to their assigned charities (less VAT). Of the brands charities, funds will be split between garden maintenance and contributions to St Mungo’s London.

#GardenGoodness comes to Manchester Whitworth Gallery with Jo Malone peony moss candle

The Peony & Moss Candle itself makes a welcome addition to any home, in addition to providing therapeutic relief in itself. Notes of cassis provides a sharp scent whilst blended beautifully with heart of Peony and Warm Moss.


To find out more visit Jo Malone London online or see The Whitworth Gallery for local information.

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