Four Celebs who nail off duty style

August 15, 2017
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We all yearn to know the secrets of celebrities ‘just-rolled-out-of-bed-but-look-amazing’ style. STYLE etc takes a look at our top 4 off-duty celebrities to discuss how you can achieve similar effortless looks and take note for your own attire.

Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate is the queen of off-duty style. Making layering look effortless and high-end, this Olsen twin has earned her fashion credentials over the years. They key to capturing Mary-Kate’s looks is to invest in a statement flat shoe, Gucci Loafers or Charlotte Olympia pumps are ideal.

The best thing about this style is the suitability for winter days to come, throwing scarf over coat over knitwear is not only chic when done correctly but also keeps the chill out on those frosty mornings. Of course a statement bag is a must for completing an off-duty look, go high end for lasting appeal.

Basics make up the under layers of this look, with casual jeans and loose tops providing the ultimate blank canvas to layer on top of. The beauty of the underneath layers is the versatility, you can shop high street to high end and still achieve the same results.

Olivia Palermo

Let’s be honest, Olivia could wear a bin bag and still manage to make it look chic. With a wardrobe to die for and the ability to elevate a look like no one else, this ex-City star just had to be on our list of best casually dressed.

Olivia knows what works for her and optimises it. From clean-cut tailoring to exquisite texture matching, Palermo is a pro at styling herself. A solid choice of heel is the first place to start when re-creating Olivia’s looks, go for sleek and tall, that way you can pair with oversized clothing and not look overwhelmed. 

Combine the harsh with the soft, pair loose knits with leather skirts. Complement the oversized with the perfectly fit, try a baggy jumper with skintight trousers, topped off with killer boots and a luxury bag. 

Gigi Hadid

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You may ask if a model is every truly ‘off-duty’ but whatever the truth Gigi Hadid sure makes it look effortless. Only Gigi could find a way to wear sportswear and make it look luxury.

From bold prints to genius throwbacks, this model knows how to take inspiration from the catwalk and channel it into everyday life. Structure is everything to achieving a Hadid-worthy outfit, go bold with fabric and don’t be afraid to show a little flesh, but do so in a sophisticated way.

Mix high street sportswear brands; read Reebok and  Addidas, with designer accessories and some statement shades. Clothing-wise go for comfy textures, pyjama shirts work perfectly or crop tops with sweatpants, it’s all in the dressing that creates style with this look.

Alexa Chung

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Alexa made her name in ‘off-duty’ dressing, forever changing festival fashion and re-introducing the peter pan collar to our lives. Taking androgyny to a new level, Alexa wears menswear like no other woman or man could pull off.

Men’s jeans and shirts work perfectly, but be careful how you style, you don’t want to look like you raided your Dad’s closet by mistake. An ugly brogue shoe is the ultimate goals for androgynous style, envision the type of footwear your boyfriend would hate and your best friend would borrow, that’s Alexa in a nutshell.

Good denim is a must. Expand your collection with dungarees, jeans, skirts, jackets, shop to your heart’s content. Don’t overdo it wearing all at once though, blend jeans with classic British staples, buy a trench coat, don a Derby shoe and throw on a cosy jumper.

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