Festival No 6 Roundup 2017

September 21, 2017
portmeirion village uk wales

It may have rained and definitely poured at this years Festival No 6 but the damp weather was not enough to deter the crowds headed to Portmeirion this September for a mix of music and arts entertainment.

As a previous attender, STYLEetc was excited to return to the beautiful village of Portmeirion and see the sights as well as enjoy the music. We thought it worth putting together a breakdown of what Festival No 6 offers to show just how special this understated event is.

portmeirion village festival no 6

The Village

The focal point of the event, Portmeirion Village is truly stunning to look at. Inspired by classic Italian architecture and painted in colourful hues, each building is pretty in it’s own right.

Throughout the festival the village is open throughout the daytime, offering classical music and alternative entertainment. A giant human chess board is crafted in the centre of the grounds where guests can get involved at certain points of the day. 

Quaint and unique, the village offers a few independent restaurants and cafes if you fancy actual dining during the festival. These also make great escapes from the rain as we found during 2017’s downpour.

The Castle

The Castle atop the hill is tailored for additional entertainment throughout Festival No 6, giving way to a side-sat outdoor champagne bar for those who want a more luxury festival experience.

At night lights make the castle look even more picturesque, giving view to the main field of the event. 

Wandering up at night gives a more relaxed vibe to chill out and escape the crowds, unless you fancy a dance in the champagne bar that is, where the party continues through the night. 

portmeirion castle village festival number 6 2017

The Woods

The Woods are left free to roam, you can easily get lost in your own little world wandering through the trees.

Each milestone along the main path gives space for smaller DJ’s and music acts to perform, all decked out with hammocks, banners and fairy lights to create a gorgeous intimate environment.

The Woods do shut early, quite sensibly so considering how easy they are to get lost in, but through the day all realms are open so you can go at your own pace. 

The Beach

A popular part of the festival, the beach area offers a selection of activity. An outdoor pool is situated further up the hill, complete with deckchairs and outside bars and music. 

Heading down to the front, revellers can wander to the actual beach and have a stroll around by the cliffside. 

Water sports are undertaken throughout the event, allowing canoes to venture out onto the water for something a little different. 

As with the woods, the beach offers plenty of winding paths to immerse yourself in, allowing freedom to roam up to the top of the cliff to take in the views, or delve further below through the rocky caves.

the beach portmeirion wales
main stage portmeirion festival no number 6

The Field

The main activity happens here and whilst it may not be as cute as the village itself, it is the main place to be to see the headliners and bigger acts.

The vastest choice of food stands are also here if you’re into your festival grub, along with plentiful selection of bars to have a tipple. 

The field is open latest of all areas, ensuring the masses all end their evenings in one place. Once the main stage ends, expect herds of people to make their way to the dance tents to party until the music stops.

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